Can a wolf kill a human?

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It hardly ever happens, but since coyotes have killed humans on occasion and wolves are larger and more fierce, they can more than likely kill humans as well

Actually, there have been NO documented killings by wolves. Like any large carnivore, they definitely have the means to kill a human... they can bring down moose. Usually, though, they like to stay away from humans as much as possible except for occasionally killing livestock.

Ontario man killed in wolf attack, coroner's jury finds.

First documented case in North America of a healthy wolf killing a human in the wildLast Updated: Thursday, November 1, 2007 | 4:03 PM CT

CBC News

A coroner's jury in Saskatchewan has determined that Ontario university student Kenton Carnegie was killed in a wolf attack.

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Wolves are predators that often kill and eat weakened or diseased animalsthis is a description of the of wolves

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Q: Can a wolf kill a human?
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