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The child's father is going to have to give up his rights first. You cannot adopt a child, if both parents do not agree.

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Take him to court. But you'd better have compelling reasons to deny your children their father.

Boyfriend or husband (unless he is the biological father) has no legal right to the child at all. The mother can try to go for full custody though.

The BoyFriend The Husband The Father Depends of the day

Probably not. In most places, unless your natural father has lost or given up his rights and the step father actually adopted you, he has no parental rights (he was merely your mother's husband.)

No. The biological father can give up his rights and if your husband then want to be more than a step parent, who have no rights to the child, can adopt your child. Or not, that is your choice as the parent.

Okonkwo was husband to Ojiugo, and father of her children.

No, if the bio's name is not on the birth cetificate then your husband should be in the clear to adopt your child!!! The father can still challenge

There is no current law prohibiting you from living with a man who is not the father of your children. If you marry him, he becomes their stepfather.This in no way changes the relationship between the father and the children, he is not their ex-father he is only the ex husband. You may need to remind him of this, if he is worried about his relationship with his children. Unless he is abusive, the children need to see their father and continue the bond with him.

No her father took away her children and her husband beat her

No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.

gentleman, guy, fellow, husband, brother, father, boyfriend, he, guy, sir

Yes, but it is up to the court and they usually only allow it if there is an adoptive father waiting. Sounds like you didn't adopt for the right reasons.

Normally none. Though jurisdictions do vary. Marrying a child's mother gives a man no authority over children by a previous relationship. All paternal parental authority is vested in the biological father. If the biological father is dead, or alive and permits it, the stepfather can adopt the stepson and acquire all parental authority. Note that maintenance payments by the biological father will cease when a child is adopted.

A boyfriend or stepfather has no legal right to the child so no, you can not.

the duke of Edinburgh (the queens husband)

Her second husband Ben Affleck is the father of her all three children.

If your children were close with their father you should attend the funeral to be there to support your children.

A father cannot be relieved of his financial obligations to his minor child/children unless... The father is allowed to relinquish his parental rights to enable the child/children to be legally adopted. A paternity test proves he is not the biological father.

The court considers the biological parent(s) to be the parents regardless of marital status. HOWEVER - some states consider the marital husband to be the 'legal father' of the child even if the child is the result of an adulterous affair by the wife/mother.

Your husband has no legal obligation regarding your children unless he legally adopts them.

A friend of mine wants to sign over her parental rights to her children to her ex husband and her mother because of all the drama and stress they are putting the children and her through. Does this mean that all child support can be dropped that she is paying and how does she go about it legally as she is in Texas and they are in Kentucky? We really need your help from someone! Thanks Frantic

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