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Generally, no. There have been cases when ovulation happened during a period and if that is the case, yes a pregnancy could develop. Most women will ovulated around day 14-20 of a 28 day cycle, so they wouldn't get pregnant 3 days after a period.

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Q: Can a woman get pregnant 3 days after period went off?
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Your bf went in you a few days before your period could you be pregnant?

You could well be.

You went with a guy 14 days after your period and a another guy 18 days after your period you are now pregnant who is the farther?

It could be either to be honest.....the only way to find out will be a paternity test after the baby is born

Does First Response provide an accurate result 5 days before your period?

Not always I have known woman who have taken several home pregnancy tests and they all read negative .. they went to the doctor and they were pregnant with having a blood test..

You hade sex all mouth after you went off your period and you hade your period are you pregnant?

It is impossible to get pregnant through your mouth.

1 day period on time and a negative test 2 days after period am i pregnant. slight dizziness sometimes. tiredness but no nausia?

yep went to the dr got a blood test it was neg.

Can you be pregnant and have a period 2 days after?

Yes, my wife missed a period and called to the doctors, after examining her he told her she was 3 month pregnant or having twins, she went for a scan and it turned out she was 3 month pregnant even though she had regular periods before hand, its quite rare but it can happen.

Can you have your period during the early stages of pregnancy as in the first month or even less?

yes i was pregnant didn't realise it and had my period after 3 months of skipping i went to the doctor and i was pregnant i was bout a week pregnant when i had my last period

Are you pregnant if you only had two days of your period?

Not necessarily. I had a two day period once. Out of concern of possible pregnancy, went to GYN for a pregnancy test. She gave me a blood test and an ultrasound, both negative. Just wait to see how your next cycle is. If you don't get a period next month, take a test. If your period comes, you aren't pregnant.

Why did I start bleeding 2 days after my period?

if you did your peripd went longer

My period finished on the 13th of June and i went to my boyfriend on the 14th and i got back on the 28th and we had sex 20 times and now for the past 4 days i have been eating loads am i pregnant?

If your periods are regular, you would be ovulating about 12-14 days after the first day of your period. The chances of being pregnant is pretty high. Good luck.

If your period is 5 days late your having period-like cramping your tired all the time and everynight you feel very ill could you be pregnant?

You could be pregnant. When I was pregnant I had my "morning" sickness at night before I went to bed. You should be ready to take a test and have it show postitive. Go buy one. Good luck

Im 13 14 in 3 days and 2 weeks ago i had brown discharge for about 4 days and then it went away for a week and now it is back but very little blood my mom says it is my period is it my period?

its not good tho, welcome to embarrising woman hood

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