Can a yellow jacket queen sting?

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A yellow jacket is a variety of wasp, and yes, the queen can sting.
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Do yellow jackets sting?

Yellow jacket wasps STING... they have a small barbed stinger. They don't bite.

What to do for yellow jacket sting?

The very first thing to do is to ask if the person is allergic to bees, and if so, do they have an Epi-Pen. If they are allergic seek immediate medical attention (call 911), a

What treats yellow jacket stings?

Cleaning, icing, and monitoring discomfort and swelling are remedies that treat yellow jacket stings. The stinger can be removed by scraping with a flat- or straight-edge surf

How do you treat a yellow jacket sting?

Remove the stinger immediately from the wound by scraping a credit card, butter knife or other thin straight-edged object along the wound. After the stinger is removed, clean

Can a yellow jacket sting twice?

It is very possible for a yellow jacket to sting a person twice.The stinger does not get stuck in it's victim like a bee's.

Can yellow jackets sting after they are dead?

yes if you touch the stinger and the yellow jacket hasn't stung anyone else becasue once they sting someone or something their stinger wont grow back

What do you do for a yellow jacket stings on a dog?

If Bowser does get stung, remove the stinger with tweezers, make a paste of baking soda, and apply it to the sting. Ice packs can also relieve swelling, and calamine lotion re
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Can yellow jackets sting chickens?

My guess is yes...whether or not they can get through the thick feathers i am not sure!
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How do you care for a yellow jacket sting?

Immediately daub the stung area with Sting-Kill or meat tenderizer. After, you can ice the stung area to keep down the swelling.