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Alcohol in and by itself cant. However check out some secondary causes of alcohol abuse, IF you are a persistent heavy drinker(binge drinking especially), you are at risk of developing calicifications in your pancreas. This reduces the proper function of your pancreas over time and can produces what are called pseudocysts. This can be the culprit that will cause you to possibly bleed to death because depending on where the pseudocyst is, it can burst your spleen. I say this because it is exactly what happened to me. I was lucky I was sober at the time it burst at 1:30 in the morning

, that way I could feel the emense pain of the rupture and feel the incredible instant nausea and blood vomiting, that I did not aspirate into my lungs.

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Q: Can alcohol cause your spleen to rupture?
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Can alcohol rupture your spleen?


Could the Heimlich procedure cause the spleen to rupture?

the Answer is yes pressure on your diaphragm can cause you spleen to rupture

Which germs can damage organs and cause a spleen to rupture?

Malaria commonly causes enlargement of liver and spleen. Enlargement of the spleen can be enormous. ( Upto umbilicus can be found. At times larger than this.) Spleen does not rupture due to enlargement. But then small blow to upper and outer or central abdomen can cause rupture of spleen and death.

What is the medical term meaning rupture of the spleen?

Splenorrhexis means rupture of the spleen.Splenorrhexis

Splenomegaly is _______.?

splenomegaly (enlarged spleen) could cause the spleen to rupture. The principal of my elementary school had a pet Saint Bernard that died from a ruptured spleen.

How dangerous is splenomegaly?

splenomegaly (enlarged spleen) could cause the spleen to rupture. The principal of my elementary school had a pet Saint Bernard that died from a ruptured spleen.

Can you rupture your spleen by coughing?


What is splenorrhexis?

Rupture of the spleen.

What can be done to avoid a ruptured spleen?

dont rupture your spleen

Does mono affect your spleen?

It can. One of the common complications of infectious mononucleosis is an enlarged spleen, and less commonly rupture of the spleen.

Can the spleen be injured from a fall?

yes, it could rupture

Weight of a spleen?

The average weight of an adult spleen is 0.44 lbs. During and after digestion, the size of the spleen increases. Infection of malaria or mono can also cause the spleen to increase in size. If the increase in size is significant, the spleen can rupture. If the spleen ruptures, immediate medicalcare is necessary. You may need emergency surgery to control the bleeding.

What is the worst cancer a dog can get?

Hemangiosarcoma it has one of the fastest metastitis rates. and if not caught in time can rupture the spleen and cause internal bleeding.

Does alcohol affect the spleen?

Prolonged alcohol abuse can indirectly damage the spleen. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause a type of liver disease that in turn causes the spleen to enlarge to an abnormal size. The spleen is an organ that filters and destroys damaged blood cells. The spleen also produces white blood cells and helps to prevent infection, among other functions.

When you rupture your spleen does the blood leak out like a period?

The blood from a ruptured spleen can't get out through the vagina.

Will acids in your stomach cause infectious diseases?

it can if you're an alcoholic because the alcohol can rupture you're stomach therefore letting your stomach acids will get in the rupture and cause a infectious disease

Ruptured spleen in french?

Rupture de la rate

A sentence with the word spleen?

The car accident seemed minor, but the rupture of his spleen caused the driver's rapid demise.

What are the affects of alchol consumption with no spleen?

The spleen doesn't metabolize alcohol, the liver does. So not having a spleen won't change how you react to alcohol.

What is a sentence with the word rupture in it?

Too much pressure in the line caused a pipe to rupture, and oil began pouring out.

Can you break your spleen?

Yes, and it is called a 'ruptured spleen'. Accidents that apply trauma to the abdominal area often rupture the spleen, and it must then be removed by surgery because the spleen is a repository for blood and someone can bleed out internally if the spleen isn't removed. You can live without your spleen just fine, by the way.

Can a lacerated spleen that heals on its own rupture later in life?

yes it can. i have learned that even though it has healed it may rupture due to issues that may occur

What are the causes for free fluid in pouch of Douglas?


What can a person do to keep mono under control?

Restrict activity; as too much activity will rupture the spleen.

Can low platelets be caused by drinking too much alcohol?

People with liver disease, a common side effect of excessive alcohol consumption, develop an enlarged spleen. The spleen normally traps platelets. When it becomes enlarged, this may accelerate, and cause a low platelet count.