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Can an 18-year-old who is mentally abused leave Mississippi to live with a relative in Minnesota without parental consent?

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2006-09-21 18:51:19
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Yes, 18 is the legal age to be considered an adult. * Mississippi has two age of majority laws, one is constitutional and one is statutory. The constitutional law sets the age at 21, the statutory law at 18. Which law is applied depends upon the circumstances of the individual matter. If an 18-year-old left the family home without permission and established residency in another state, his or her parents would have to be granted a court order to have the person returned to their custody. If the 18-year-old was employed and self-supporting, living in a suitable environment, such an order would not be granted. On the other side, if the person were living in a homeless shelter, in the streets or had become involved with the police for any reason the order would likely be granted.

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I think 16with parental consent

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Not unless you can get a court order. Don't go to Mississippi expecting that you can marry without parental consent. Mississippi requires a person to be *21* in order to get married without parental consent. I verified this information today (02/11/05) with the county clerk's office. Every state in the U.S. requires that a couple be 18 to get married without parental consent, with the exception of Mississippi (21) and Nebraska (19).

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