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Probably, but I don't know why on earth you would want to, because at 18 you must be *very close* to being done. I've never once known a person that quit school and didn't end up regretting it.

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Q: Can an 18-year-old withdraw from school in Texas?
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Can a 17 year old withdraw them self from school in Texas if a parent inrolled them?

According to Texas law, a 17 year old student cannot withdraw from school without parental permission. The purpose of the law is to assist students who would not finish high school otherwise.

What is the legal age for a judge to withdraw a student from school in Texas?

12 i think would be it!

Can Texas withdraw from US?

Yes, Texas can withdraw from the United States but they will need to fight with Congress and the Legislature of the United States and Texas both most vote to withdraw.

Legal age to drop out or withdraw from Texas High School?

You can leave school at 17 if you are in a GED program. Talk to your school counselor for more information.

Can you withdraw yourself from one school and enroll in another without parental consent at 17 in Texas?

yes you can

Can an 18-year-old legally withdraw from school in Texas without the parent consent?

You're 18, so yes.

Can a 14 year old be with a 18yearold?

Legally hanging out yes but to have intercouse no.

What is the legal age to withdraw from school?


When did shakespeare withdraw from school why?


What is the legal age for a child to drop out or withdraw themselves from a Texas high school?

The ages of compulsory school attendance in TX are 6-18. I *believe* a minor can leave school at 17 IF they are enrolled in a GED program (which likely requires parental permission). Ask your school counselor about it.

How do you begin homeschooling a child in Texas?

If your child has never been enrolled in a public school, you do not need to inform anyone. If your child has been in a public school, you fill out a withdraw form just as you would if you were moving or putting him in private school. For reason or new school, write "homeschool."

Where was the Lexington of Texas fought?

The Lexington of Texas is another name for the Battle of Gonzales. It took place in Gonzales, Texas. The Texas rebels were stronger and caused the Mexican forces to withdraw.

How can you drop out of school?

You simple withdraw yourself from the current school you are in and don't sign up for another school

What do you do if your school asks you to withdraw?

Generally speaking, schools make requests for valid reasons, but there are exceptions. We would need to know what it is that the school has asked you to withdraw from, in order to give a more thoughtful reply. Sometimes the school is wrong.

Is Texas school of business renowned?

According to the reviews on this website,, the Texas School of Business is not a renowned school.

What happens when you withdrawn from a secondy school?

When you withdraw from secondary school you will have an option to further your education or get a job.

How many school districts are in texas?

There is only one school district in Texas, the Texas Unified School District; it serves the entire state.

What is the high school drop out rate for Texas?

33% of high school students drop out of school in Texas.

When was The Harris School - Texas - created?

The Harris School - Texas - was created in 1987.

When was Texas High School created?

Texas High School was created in 1889.

When was Texas School for the Deaf created?

Texas School for the Deaf was created in 1856.

Legal age to withdraw from high school?

18 & up

What is the most populated high school in Texas?

Skyline High School in Dallas,Texas is the most populated High School in Texas and is the 12th most populated High School in The United States.

Can you withdraw your kids from school for health reasons in tn i got 3 kids that stay sick and with the swine flu scare i want to withdraw them from school to protect them 14 days of school left?

If your kids have Swine Flu, ABSOLUTELY withdraw them from school! This disease is only one step away from an epidemic, and can be extremely dangerous if not treated properly. Keeping your kids home from school and away from other is the only way to keep them safe. Since Swine Flu is contagious, it is of everyone's best interest to stay not have too much interaction with your child. Withdraw your kids from school, go to the doctor, and be safe and careful. GOOD LUCK!

Number of high school students in Texas 2009?

Texas High School seniors