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Can an American citizen file for child support from a Canadian citizen?

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Yes, you can request child support from a Canadian citizen if you live in the United States. You will have to have proof of paternity or have a birth certificate that has the Canadian citizens name on it.

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If an American citizen gives birth to a child in Canada what is the child's citizenship?

The child is a citizen of both countries, since it was born on Canadian soil, but from an American citizen.

If a Canadian lives in America and is married to an American and they have a child born in America can the child have American and Canadian citizenships?

No, but if you want it to yes you can talk to the government. well, since the child has an American parent who is a citizen and was born in the U.S, the child automatically has American citizen ship, but not Canadian. Although if the child was born in Canada, he/she would have Canadian citizenship. Although, when it comes to sports, the child could play for either American or Canadian international sides.

With a child born in Canada the mother is a us citizen and the father is Canadian What is the child?

The child would have dual citizenship; Canadian and American.

Does a Filipino citizen child has the right to get child support to his American citizen father who is not a legal paren on the birthcertificate?


How does a Canadian mother get child support from an American father?

The mother should contact her local Canadian child support agency. They will coordinate with the State in which the father is located.

How does an American citizen divorce a Canadian citizen in the US?

If a US citizen divorces a Canadian citizen (who is in US legally) and they have a minor child who has dual citizenship can the US Citizen who is the dad file to state that mom (Canadian)cannot take minor child out of the Arizona (the state they currently reside in) for no longer than 30 days for vacation purpose?

If a Canadian living in the U.S and married to an American has a child in Canada can the child be both an American and Canadian citizen?

Yes, they can and are. Canada will recognize the child naturally because they were born on Canadian soil, and to a Canadian parent. The child will also inherit the US Citizenship of the American Parent, although the Parent will have to declare the child to the U.S. Consulate showing their proof of citizenship as well as the child's Canadian birth certificate.

If a Canadian woman is giving birth to a child in Canada and the father is an American citizen what are his rights regarding child custody assuming the parents do not plan on marrying?

None, even if you lived in the same country. Only the court can grant you rights, in this case, a Canadian court, but an American court will handle child support.see links

Mother an American citizen and father is not child born in another country is the child an American citizen?

Yes. the child is American citizen.

Can a foreign country enforce its child support laws on an American citizen?

Yes, if it is a reciprocating country

If the child is born in the USA and the mother is American and the father is Canadian how does the mother collect child support?

File for in and they will contact Canada.

Do you have to pay child support if you are Canadian and she is American?

You should have to pay, because you created a child and thus you are responsible for it. Emotionally and financially.

If a Canadian citizen owes child support in the US will it affect his ability to cross the border?

Depending on the amount, the Visa would be suspended.

How do children become Canadian citizens?

One way is to sign a form confirming that you want your child to be a Canadian citizen, then when the papers are signed, they're a Canadian citizen.

Does a non American citizen have to pay child support to a US citizen after a divorce if he is not a resident of the US?

If your marriage was based on US laws AND it is court ordered, then you have to.

Can an American citizen file for child support from a Irish citizen?

It can be done. I suggest that you contact your State's child support agency. When you get an interview with them, bring all the papers relating to your child support: birth certificates, acknowledgments of paternity, court orders, payment records, etc. Be polite but persistent. Good luck!

Is the child of an American citizen who is born in a foreign country an American citizen?

Yes they are.

Can you still be a citizen if you owe child support in the US?

Yes, you can still be a citizen. The US does not revoke citizenship for people who owe child support.

Father an American citizen and mother is not child born in another country is the child an American citizen?

Yes, he will be treated as "US Citizen born abroad"

What are the processes when you are a Tajik citizen but married to a Canadian and you are planning to have your first child in Canada?

No special proceedures are required. If your child is born in Canada it will be a Canadian citizen by birth regardless of the nationality of its parents.

If a Mexican couple has their baby in Canada does the baby become a Canadian citizen?

yes, any child that is born in Canada automatically is a Canadian Citizen

If an American citizen marries a Brazilian citizen in Brazil what steps are necessary for the American child to become a citizen also?

the child and your self need to go to immagrastion and get citizenship in brazil for the child.

My husband have child by illegal alien can she be deport what about baby and child support?

Yes she can be deported. Since your husband is an American citizen so is the baby and mom can sue for child support. It is his child he needs to pay for the baby he brought into the world.

Is a child born in the Philippines with one American citizen as her parent an American citizen?


What is the citizenship of a baby with a Canadian mother and a filipino father born in the Philippines?

the child will be a citizen of both countries the country that the child is born in and wherever the mother or father is from like say the baby's mother is a filipina and the father is an american the child will be a citizen of both countries