Can an Evangelist marry a Catholic?


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Certainly, but an evangelical probably would not--or would marry the Catholic then attempt to convert that person.


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St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church was created in 1928.

Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church Complex was created in 1897.

Evangelist then Catholic.

Roman Catholic AnswerNothing really, all Catholics are called to be evangelists.

no you can marry only once in catholic church

The Church will not marry a Catholic to someone who is divorced because it is a sin.

If the non-Catholic divorced man obtains an annulment from the Catholic Church, then he will be eligible to marry.

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. Catholic priests are not permitted to marry anyone.

No. Once ordained, a Catholic priest is always a priest and thus can not marry.

No. In the catholic church there are rules and in those rules it states, "Catholics cannot marry outside the catholic religion." Therefore, the catholic man can't marry a divorced Methodist woman. Also, if said catholic man were to marry said woman he would be banned from the catholic church. If you need to you should head to your catholic church and ask.

As many times as the Catholic is free to marry someone who is also free to marry

They can marry before they get ordained. They can't marry after that.

Catholic priests will refuse to marry anyone not belonging to their faith. A Protestant pastor will do the job.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic widow is free to marry. The non-Catholic divorcee may or may not be free to marry. They would have to apply to their Catholic Chancery office for an annulment which would cause the judges to look into their previous marriage to see if it was valid. If it was valid, then the Catholic widow would not be free to marry them in or out of the Catholic Church as they are still validly married in the eyes of the Church. You need to speak to your parish priest about this situation ASAP.

A Catholic must marry in the presence of either a priest or a deacon for their marriage to be recognized by the Church.

Yes, an atheist can marry a Catholic provided that the couple agree that any children will be raised as Catholics.

There are dozens of different princess Elizabeths. Many did marry Catholic men.

No, both must be Catholic to be married in a Catholic church (or the non-Catholic must sign papers promising to raise all children as Catholics, etc before the wedding is allowed). The Orthodox Church will marry a Catholic and an Orthodox in the Orthodox church, however.ANSWER: YES, of course a catholic may marry an orthodox in a Catholic Church just like a catholic may marry a protestant in a catholic church. There would need to be a solemn promise to raise the children, if any, Catholic. However, The orthodox spouse (or protestant spouse) would not have to convert to the Catholic faith.

Yes, if at least one of the couple is a Catholic.

Yes and No. Before you can remarry you must get your marriage annulled. That is the Catholic way of saying you were never really married in the first place. Then you may marry.

No, not without the Catholic party receiving a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic. The standard concessions from the non-Catholic party would then also have to be confirmed and the marriage to take place in a Catholic church with a Catholic priest as witness.

The united states is a free country, so if you are an episcopalian, but you want to marry a catholic, feel free to do so.

The only difference is that the Catholic priest do not marry but the Anglican priest do marry

Yes he can marry in the Catholic Church. Death of a spouse is the only form of 'divorce' recognized by the Catholic Church.

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