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Q: Can an H1b visa holder be a 10 percent part owner of the company?
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Is a shareholder a part owner of the assets of the company?


If you own a share of a company are you part owner?


When you buy stock in a corporation do you become part owner of that company?


You are a part owner of NewBrands Corporation because you _____.?

own the company’s stock

What movie company does steven spielberg work for?

Dreamworks, of which he is a third part owner.

What is the definition of transnational company?

transnational company is a company who possesses a larger part of share or a major share holder itself rather than the people of country where they are operating in

What is the difference between stock holder and stack holder?

In case of Financial Market The Stock Holder can be any person, institution or organization that has a share certificate , bond of the company there by stock holder becomes part of the assets & profits of the company and receives dividend on the regular basis. Where as the stack holder is a promoters or founders of the company. In case of initial public offerings by the company in order to raise the funds for expansion, Work experience of the promoters / stack holders plays important role.

How can you be a part owner of a corporation?

If company listed in stock exchange then anybody can purchase it's shares and become owner of corporation.

Can your dads ex wife take a portion of your house?

If she is a part owner, yes.If she is a part owner, yes.If she is a part owner, yes.If she is a part owner, yes.

What part did J Pierpoint Morgan play on the Titanic?

he was the owner of the white star line company

Did William Shakespeare own any business?

He was part owner of a theatrical company. That's a business.

Why is it good to buy stocks?

because then you essentially are a part owner of whatever company you bought stocks from.

What company did Shakespeare perform with?

He was part owner of a playing company called the Lord Chamberlain's Men, later known as the King's Men.

What is another word for corn holder?

The first part that is called for the corn holder is called a "spike". And the second part of the corn holder is called the "ear"

If the beneficiary of an IRA dies and then the IRA holder dies and there is no contingent beneficiary what happens next?

I believe it reverts back to the owner, and thus becomes part of his estate.

What part of typewriter that holds the paper?

The paper holder part

What company do Tyra Banks own?

The only company I know that Tyra Banks is part owner of is Bankable Enterprises. She doesn't really own anythingon her own.

Who is the owner of Walt Disney in Florida?

Disney World in Florida is part of the Parks and Resorts Division of the Walt Disney Company.

Does the lien holder have rights to your sound system in your car?

One word answer: YES The complicated part comes when the parts like Subs and Amps are easily portable, the Repo company and the Finance Company will maintain they are "Part Of the car" and part of the financing. They have won Law Suits in many Jurisdictions to support this.

Who is Amanda Long?

vice-president and part owner of Onsite Calibration Service. Part of OCS was given to Amanda by her father who bought out his sister-in-law's share of the company.

What acting company did Shakespeare partly own?

Shakespeare was a part owner of the Lord Chamberlain's Men, later known as the King's Men.

What was George H W Bush's oil and and gas company called?

Zapata Petroleum Corporation was the largest business he was a part owner of.

What are the vehicle lien-holder rights on a lien-holder claim?

What are my rights as a lien holder if the customer does not have full coverage even after it is part of his or her contract with us.

Should you hyphenate part owner?

Either way: part-owner or part owner seems acceptable (but the spell checker here at WikiAnswers does not like the hyphenated version!)

How do you find part if you have whole and percent?

Part = Whole*Percent/100