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It could possibly, but why would you want a relationship that is just over the internet. Wouldn't you want to be able to go an experience things with this person such as taking walks, going out to dinner, going to see a movie. Actually spending quality time with this other person?

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Q: Can an Internet relationship truly last?
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My husband of 38 years is leaving me for another woman he says he loves and has had an affair with for 5 years. Will the new relationship last?

if you truly believe it will last and are sure he is the one it wll work out

What is the relationship between the internet and computer network?

What is the relationship between internet and computer

What do you truly need from a relationship?

Of course, everyone needs love and confidence in a relationship.

How can you make a high school relationship last forever?

You just need to show that you truly want to be with that person forever and you need to hope that they want to be with you forever and hope that it works out.

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What are the types of relations?

Actually, there are lots of type of relationship like open relationship, codependent relationship, negotiation relationship, toxic relationship, the trophy relationship, the sexual affair, complicated relationship and truly computable relationship.

Internet builds connections but destroy relationship?

Answer Its true, the Internet does build relationships, but it's the people in the relationship that destroy it. If it wasn't meant to be it won't be, internet or not.

When was his last relationship?

his last relationship was 2 months ago

Where can you find free relationship advice in the Internet?

To view free relationship advice on the Internet, please see the Related Link below.

How will your relationship will evolve with someone you care about?

That truly is between you two and up to you two. Each relationship evolves differently.

Will he last in his rebound relationship if he really loves me?

no his relationship wont last!

Will a relationship work between a 58 year old man and a 67 year old woman?

Hey, why not? Age has nothing to do with love. Age doesn't matter. As long as you Truly love them and would do anything for them. Through better or worse. So, yes. It will last if they both are committed to this relationship.

Why is Facebook on the Internet?

it is on the internet because adults get a relationship over the website.

What are the release dates for Yours Truly - 2013?

Yours Truly - 2013 was released on: USA: 16 May 2013 (internet)

Can you really change a person after a relationship?

You may be able to change a person after a relationship, but people only change if they truly want to.

When should a woman enter into a relationship and what should she look for in the relationship as a christian?

A woman should NOT enter into a relationship when she is unready of herself. It takes years of experience in order for anyone to find out who they truly are and what they truly want. A relationship should consist of medium dependency, equal arrangements, working together, being honest, communication, etc.

How do you get rid of over-possessiveness?

The key to overcoming over-possessiveness is truly establishing trust. If both people have an understanding of one another, then there is no reason to be possessive. Besides, if you cannot establish this trust then you will never have a relationship that will last...

Help with starting a relationship?

To me if you want a good relationship that will last a long time, you should always start off slow. You should spend the beginning of your relationship getting to know a lot of information about each other. Then you should move on to the romance, not sex, ROMANCE, Intimacy. This makes the relationship so should when your partner can truly see how much you about them. Then, that would lead to the making love, but that's another topic.

How long do eighth grade relationships last?

A typical 8th grade relationship lasts about 2 to 3 months. This can vary from a week to a couple of years. It mainly depends on the people and what their motives are for dating each other. If they are truly interested in each other and have been for some time it will last longer than the one week relationship from the couple who are just using each other.

Speed Dating on the Internet?

Speed dating is a great way to meet someone that you can truly connect with. The reason many people dread speed dating is because they feel it is impersonal. The truth of the matter is that this form of dating can help you to get to know someone who you can begin a relationship with in order to truly be happy. Be sure to find websites online that cater to speed dating services that you can try.

How do you tellif my boyfriend truly loves or he using me to babysit his kids from a another relationship?

If he truly loved you he would do anything for you and would care for you with all his heart

When did the Internet China get Internet?

Last week.

Is the first relationship the last?

In what contexts do you mean? If your in a relationship with your partner all you life , i t still does not mean it is going to be your last relationship you'll ever have.

Explain why is it called that the possibility's on the Internet are truly endless?

Basicly because so many things can be done on the internet, shopping, working, schooling the lot!

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