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Yes some can. But some can't from what I've heard. If you download songs from the internet onto iTunes, you just have to make sure iTunes can tell you have your mp4 player in. If not it can't download them.

If the music has been converted to play in iTunes then those files cannot be played by all mp4 players (the format is different).

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Can you use any mp3 player with mac besides ipod?

Most mp3 players cannot play itunes songs because itunes songs are mostly in mp4 format. The ipod is the only player that can play mp4 formats. There are songs that are mp3 formats in itunes, though. Because itunes is its source for music, itunes only recognizes ipods, but if you download correct software for the mp3 player, it should be able to recognize the mp3 player.

What is the format of music on iTunes?

mp4 or acc

How do you put music videos on your mp4?

go to itunes

How do you put im1 music onto your itunes?


Can you use iTunes with an mp4 that isn't an ipod?

Yes but you shall convert iTunes default file format M4V to MP4 so that you can play them on your MP4.

Is walmartcom a good place to download music?

NO, you should get the music from itunes(if you want to play on Ipod) or yahoo music(if you want to play on other mp3 or mp4) they both only cost 99cents and have a wide variety of music. NO, you should get the music from itunes(if you want to play on Ipod) or yahoo music(if you want to play on other mp3 or mp4 or just on computer unless u have a MAC) they both only cost 99cents and have a wide variety of music.

How or what do you need to get music on your computer?

You can purchase music in MP3 format from sites such as Amazon mp3. These mp3 files can be played on the majority of media players such a Windows Media Player, Winamp or iTunes. You can also purchase music from the iTunes Store. However these files can only played within the iTunes player (although you can download codecs which will allow mp4 files, the file format iTunes and iPods use, to play on Windows Media Player.).

Do music mp4 that support AAC songs work with iTunes?

ummm i think... cuz i tried to download vid clips from limewire that were aiv files and it wouldn't go into my itunes library-it only went to my media player library ---but mp4 works for itunes

What to do if iTunes doesn't recognize your MP4 player?

iTunes will only directly support the iPod or iPhone. You can, however, drag songs from iTunes into a My Computer window, so if you have your MP4 Player mounted (i.e. plugged in and double clicked in My Computer) then you can just select and drag the songs directly from iTunes onto your MP4 Player.

Will VLC player play MP4?

The VLC player will play MP4 files.

Can a mp4 player play mp4 movies?

Not Exatually, it depends on the resolution of the MP4 player and mp4 movies, the code owned by movides and supported by mp4 player. If your MP4 player can't play MP4 movies, you can use Macgo Blu-ray Player for MP4 format movies.

Can i transfer i tunes music to windows media player?

No you cannot. iTunes music is saved as a MP4-audio file and Windows Media Player can only read MP3-audio files.

You tried to download music from itunes through your computer into an mp4 it will not go into the mp4 how can I download?

iTunes downloaded video movies TV shows files are in .M4V formats but not MP4, you can not get a MP4 file unless you convert M4V to MP4. I suggest to get an software to help you and read the relative links.

Can you play downloaded MP4 files on a mp4 player?

Yes. It should play downloaded MP4 files.

How to get a song from your computer to your mp4 player?

Connect the MP4 player to the computer via a suitable USB cable. Then drag & drop the music to the MP4 player.

What kind of music files are in iTunes?

Music files downloaded from the iTunes store come in the format "Purchased AAC", and video files downloaded from the iTunes store come in the MP4 format

How do you play videos on your iPod?

You have to change your itunes settings. So that you can manage your music/videos. You drag and drop videos into itunes and it will auto sync. (You can only use MP4's) (Video Format)

Can you download ipod touch apps on a mp4 touch?

i would say no because itunes is with apple, and you download ipod touch games from itunes. the touch screen mp4 is not made by apple and therefore you cannot download apps from itunes to your mp4 player. hope this helped.

What programs play mp4?

mp4 are the video file present in ur computer or phone . windows media player ,vlc,classic media player ,all of these play mp4 .not only these there are numerous programs which play mp4

How do you change the format of a video to a mp4 on iTunes?

Remove iTunes protection and then convert it to MP4.

What is a mp4 player and how is it different from a mp3 player?

An MP3 is one of the most common sound file formats currently used in digital music devices. Similarly, an MP4 is a video file format. An MP4 player generally supports both MP3 and MP4 formats, meaning that it can play both music and video. An MP3 player, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer of the device, generally does not support the MP4 format or other video formats.

How do you uploud music on a mp4 player?

The ability (or how) to add music to an MP4 player is a feature of the device you are trying to add the music to; typically it is done via the USB connector for such device.

Can you transfer your itunes onto your MP4 player?

Do you mean the program ? Certainly it is not possible.

Can you download iTunes to a PSP?

It depends since iTunes downloads has DRM protectionwhich prevents other non-iPod player from transferring or playing iTunes purchased music video movie.PSP can play iTunes AAC music, but has no idea about the DRM'ed .m4p songs and .m4v TV shows or movie.The only way to play iTunes content on PSP is using a 3rd party DRM removal software which can strip DRM and convert .m4p .m4v into PSP compatible .mp3 .wma .mp4 .or wmv.

Can you use iTunes if you have a mp3 player?

No. iTunes only works with mp4 devices (iPods, iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads)