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No it cannot

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โˆ™ 2006-05-31 18:34:26
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Q: Can an Xbox headset be adapted to use with PSP for Socom Online?
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Does nintendo have a headset like xbox andf ps3 have?

no, nintendo does not have a headset for online gameing

What is a headset for on xbox 360?

Talking to people online

What is a good gaming headset for xbox 360?

A good gaming headset for Xbox 360 is a Turtle Beachheadset.

Where can one buy a Xbox wireless headset?

One can buy a Xbox wireless headset from a variety of different locations. These include a computer gaming store, as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

Xbox controller windows headset?

I do not think you can use your Xbox headset with your computer, sorry.

How do you hook a headset to a Xbox 360?

the headset doesn't plug in to the xbox it plugs in to the bottom of the remote

Can your Xbox headset work with Xbox 360?


DOes the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset use bluetooth technology to connect?

Yes. It uses bluetooth to connect to the xbox. Most of the time if is very easy to sync your headset to your xbox. This adds alot of value and fun while playing games online.

How do you connect xbox 360 headset to controler?

All you have to do is plug the headset into the xbox 360 controller from the bottom of the controller, and there you go. You have yourself an operating headset.

Will a wii headset work as a xbox headset?

no because i never tried it

Can a ps3 headset work on Xbox?

nope because Xbox has its own headset made for Xbox official and PS 3 has its own official and any other eg nokia headset, 3rd party too...

Does the xbox 360 elite 120GBcome with a headset?

yes it does. i got the xbox 360 elite and it came with a microsoft wired headset

Can you use the xbox headset not online?

There isn't really a purpose for it outside of online. There's no one to communicate with using the headset if you're not online, either through voice messages or 1-1 chat. I guess you coulduse it, but I don't know why you would.

Xbox 360 how to fix a headset?

* * *

How do you communicate with other online players on black ops?

if you have an xbox or ps3, it should probably came with a headset that plugs into the console

Does Logitech wireless Xbox headset work with Xbox 360?

no it has to be Microsoft.

Does the Xbox Logitech Wireless headset work with Xbox 360?

yes it does

How do you hookup the xbox 360 guest headset?

You cannot hook up a guest headset.

Do you need a head set for xbox live?

No you do not, you can use xbox live weather you have the headset or not. If you want to couminicate over live then you will need the headset.

Are Xbox 360 headsets compatible with Xbox?

No, xbox 360 headset can only work with the 360.

How do you fix a Xbox live headset?

Glue it.

Does a Xbox 360 arcade have a headset?


Can you use a xbox headset on a ps3?

no you can`t

Can you use a regular Headset on Xbox Live?


What kind of headset is good with the Xbox do they make wireless ones?

You can get a wireless headset for the Xbox 360,it comes with a microphone perfect for communicating with your halo buddies.