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Yes,life insurance can be obtained by any one for anyone.Its kinda sad.

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Q: Can an adult child insure the parent without their knowledge?
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How old do you have to be to get your lip pierced without your parent or guardian?

18, when you become a legal adult.

Do minors have to be accompanied by an adult for a doctors appointment?

Yes. The doctor would not treat the child without a parent (or adult designee) present.

How do you get into adult entertainment rated movies at a younger age?

Without a parent or legal guardian, you don't.

Can you drive without a permit if your with an adult?

if your 15 1/2 can you practice driving if a parent is in the car with you?

Can a 17 year old move out of state without parent permission?

No you need to be an adult move out without permission which is 18

Can a parent get medical records of an adult child?

A parent can get the medical records of an adult child if the adult child gives express permission.

Can a 17 year old fly from Melbourne Australia to LAX with United Airlines as an adult without the assistance of a parent or guardian and without the use of the unaccompanied minor system?

Yes, a 17 year old can fly from Melbourne, Australia to LAX, US as an adult and without the assistance of a parent, guardian or the use of the unaccompanied minor system.

Are minors allowed to see R-rated movies without an adult?

No, they can only see them with a parent or guardian.

Can you drop out of school in Florida without parental consent?

You can if you are an adult. Otherwise the parent will have to consent and the child be 16 or older.

Age to sign passport?

You have to be 16 years of age or older to sign a passport without a parent being with you. You can sign by yourself at 14 but a parent/guardian/adult must be with you.

Can an 18 year old enroll self in high school without parent?

In the US at age 18, you are legally an adult, and do not require permission of a parent for most things.

How can you legally move in with someone that is not a family member without parent permission?

The simplest way is to be an adult. Once you are an adult you can live where you wish. Until then, the parents get to make the decisions.

What age can a child see a movie without parent?

A child can see a movie without a parent depending on the rating. Generally, movie theaters do not like children under 12 in the theater without an adult. PG-13 would be the first time a child could go to the movies without a parent as long as the theater can verify age.

Is a teen parent consider emancipated?

Being a parent does not make one an adult. Only age will make you an adult.

Is there any way a mother can file unemployment benefits for her son or at least start the process without his knowledge?

Not if he is an adult.

Can a 14 year get a piercing without an adult?

It may be possible to get an ear piercing without a parent. However, any other piercing will have to wait until they are 18.

Can you get car accident money without parent present at eighteen?

At this age you are considered an adult . Your parents do not have to be present. They no longer are responsible for you.

How old do you have to be to fly over seas without a parent or adult?

At least eight, but the flight attendant will look after you until you are eighteen or over.

Can you leave home without parent consent at 17 in Missouri?

In Missouri you are not considered an adult. Until that point, your parents make the decisions.

What does r-rated mean?

r-rated means restricted-under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. it contains some adult material and no kids under 17 admitted without the company of an adult.

Can a parent leave a state of South Carolina without consent from the other parent?

Yes as long as you are of adult age you can leave if you want. If you have the children with you you will most likely need their other parents consent.

If minor has parent permission and gets pregnant by an adult?

A parent that gives permission for a minor to have sex with an adult is committing a crime, as is the adult with whom the minor has sex. Think about it. If it is okay for a parent to give permission for a minor to have sex with an adult, at what age is ok? 15? 12? 10? What about 4 or 5? It is the responsibility of the parent to protect their minor child.

How can a 15 year old get from one state to another can fly or take a train to young?

You will need a parent to check you in at the point of travel, and you will need a parent approved adult at the other end to sign for you to be released. They are not allowed to release a minor without an approved adult on each end of the trip.

Can a 19 year old girl can marry a 19 year old guy without parent conscent?

At 19 you are a legal adult. So yes, you can get married without consent.

Can you transfer schools at 18 without parent permission?

Yes. At 18 you are an adult and can transfer or quit school if you wish. You can also sign contracts, marry, enlist, and make other adult decisions.