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Can an adult male cat have any amount of alcohol and what would the effects be?


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August 16, 2010 9:12PM

Even a small amount of alcohol will make a cat (animal) very ill, and can be fatal. Cats cannot process alcohol it can cause kidney damage, and if not treated quickly, may cause renal failure leading to the death of the animal. NO ANIMAL should be given this!

All alcohol will NOT immediately endanger the life of a cat as the first poster has suggested unless you pour it down its throat for hours upon hours and mix all kinds of alcohol just the SAME as a human, any amount in excess is a danger to health and life, but if your cat has had a sneaky few sips of a glass of wine or a vodka and coke, then it will get a little tipsy, sick and wake up with a hangover just like you. So I wouldn't worry about it but always take it to a vet if you feel it's necessary.

Undiluted spirits ARE more likely to be fatal, as their small body weight could not handle the amount of alcohol in them.

Do not give your cat alcohol (and certainly not on a regular basis,) it really isn't good for them same as it's not good for us and long term WILL cause kidney damage etc. and possible death.