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Yes, an appliance that is 115 volts 15 amps can be plugged into a normal household electrical outlet in the Untied States of America, also available in Canada. LOL

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Q: Can an appliance that is 115 volts 15 amps be plugged into a normal household electrical outlet in the untied states?
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What is flex outlet?

An appliance cable or "flex" outlet is a type of electrical outlet which is NOT a "socket outlet" to take plugs for appliances so that they can be plugged and un-plugged. An appliance cable or "flex" outlet has terminals inside it. The terminals allow the wires in an appliance cable or "flex" to be connected to the household wiring in a building. The household wiring comes from the building's main electrical power panel, which carries the main circuit breakers. The circuit breakers are fitted to protect the household wiring from catching on fire if any circuit is overloaded. Such appliance cable or "flex" outlets also have strain-relief clips. A strain-relief clip helps to prevent the cable from being yanked out of the outlet if the appliance gets moved away from the wall where the outlet is installed. Such outlets, with terminals inside and strain-relief clips, are used for fixed appliances, such as ranges or dryers, which should never have to be un-plugged during normal use of the appliance by the user.

What happens when you plug a 110 volt appliance into a 220 volt source?

The 110 appliance will run faster than normal and burn out.

How many amps flow through 2400 watt appliance plugged into a 120 volt outlet?

Zero amps will flow. If the outlet is a normal household receptacle outlet in North America, the breaker will trip. This is because the circuit is protected at 15 amps. Using the equation Amps = Watts/Volts = 2400/120 = 20 amps. As you can see this is why the breaker will trip. Using the equation Watts = Amps x Volts = 15 x 120 = 1800 Watts. This is why the maximum wattage allowed by the electrical code on a normal household circuit is 1800 watts.

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Yes, that is normal.

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Yes. In North America household power is 120/240V at 60Hz and 45 Watts means it will only draw 0.375 Amperes. So it can safely be used

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