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It would seem to me that she is trying to keep the relationship purely on a friendly basis for the sake of your child. You don't want to broach the subject of your getting back together, but you may talk to her about your relationship and where you think it went wrong. If you are able to see your own mistakes, maybe even tell you are aware of how things were. But you need to get on with your own life and let her get on with hers. She probably has a hard time letting go and is attached to the child. For awhile, you were both part of her life and she probably loves you and the child, but is not sure how to interpret that. You should have a talk about this with her, ask her to define this new relationship so you are clear.

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Q: Can an ex-girlfriend want you back if she has a new boyfriend but calls you or sees you every day about your child but never wants to spend time together?
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When is the boyfriend responsible for a child that is not his if they live together?

when him and the child bond and get to know each other

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you his playground?

it means that your a child. and it can mean that he thinks you should go to a park so kids can play on you

In Oklahoma Can a mother and her boyfriend or husband file together for full custody agaisnt the bio father?

A boyfriend or stepfather has no legal right to the child so no, you can not.

What if your boyfriend owes back child support can a lien be put on a home we own together?

straight and simple, yes.

How old can a child be to live with a boyfriend in the state of Florida?

If a child wants to live with the child's boyfriend, then the child needs to be 18.

Can a 14 year old move in with her 17 year old boyfriend if they have a child together?

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not give you the legal right to choose where you live.

What should I do when my ex boyfriend and I have a baby together but broke up and he won't leave my new boyfriend and I alone?

* Whatever differences you have together you are both the parents of your baby. You should meet your ex boyfriend in a public place and communicate to him that he has a right to see his child, but you do not love him and you are happy with your new boyfriend. It will pain him, but he'll have to accept it and if he does not listen to you and makes any threatening remarks to you or your boyfriend or he is stalking you then get the police involved.

When child want to be with dad instead of mom?

what if 2 year old wants to be with dad instead of mom and boyfriend living together

Can a child have a boyfriend girlfriend?


Can you live with your boyfriend at 15 with a baby when your boyfriend is 16?

if you two plan on starting a relationship as if you are married,i personally think that it is okay to live together.if you have already had a child together itwould be a lot easier since you are both so young tohave to take care of a baby alone.

Can a 17 year old girl move in with her 17 year old boyfriend who still lives at his parents home and have a child together?


Can a 17 yr old female marry her 20 yr old boyfriend if they have a child together and have parental consent in the state of Ohio?


How did Katy Perry have a baby?

On March 5, 2020 Katy Perry announced she was pregnant with her and boyfriend, Orlando Bloom's first child together.

If the school calls a parent for reports of child abuse what do they say?

The school calls social services to report child abuse not the parents. Specially if the child abuse is being done by the parent.

Is my boyfriend still in love with his ex wife. they have a child together but talk on the phone when the child isn't even home?

it honestly depends on what they are talking about. if you trust your boyfriend then there should be no problem, but if there is a trust issue then maybe you should be worried. but then again it really does just depend on what they are talking about!

What does a Child Care Lobbyist do?

I believe they take calls for a child care service

What do you when you are 15 and your boyfriend is 15 and you are about to have a 1st child together but your parents doesn't want you to keep it but your boyfriend wants to keep it?

You need to do what is right. Do what you feel is the right thing to do. and if you feel like you want to keep it talk to your parents.Goodluck!

Is it wrong that your boyfriend will leave you if you are pregnant with another mans child?

It depends on if she conceived the child before or after she paired up with the boyfriend and if the boyfriend was aware of the girl being pregnant at the time.

If you are getting divorced and you have a child with your boyfriend do you need a paternity test done?

Whose name is listed on the birth certificate? If it is your boyfriend, when you file for divorce, notify your attorney that the child is not your husband's and that your ex will have no legal obligation towards your child. If your boyfriend is not listed as the father, you need, for legal reasons, to have a paternity test done and have your boyfriend legally recognized as the father of your child. Depending on your state laws, if the divorce is not final the husband is automatically put on the birth certificate. So, then yes, a paternity test has to be done to prove to the court it is not the husbands and the boyfriends which will be proven by the test. Also, depending on your state laws then the state will make the boyfriend pay child support regardless if you are living together or not.

What if your husband and you have lived apart for past 3 years you are pregnant from your boyfriend Can you get child support from your husband or boyfriend?

Please don't be a chickenhead and put the child off on your husband,you know its your boyfriends. Just because your still married to your husband doesn't give you the right to do that to him,he can go to court and prove that you and he haven't lived together for three years and the DNA testing of the child wil prove all this. Make the boyfriend be more responsible and be a man and take care of his child. Remember the child support is not yours,it belongs to the child for things she/he needs. And if you receive AFDC,it is also for the child.

Is it legal for your boyfriends parents to prevent him from seeing your child. My boyfriend said that if his parents found out we are having a child they wouldn't let him see me or the child?

No because the boyfriend has a legal obligation to this child whether the boyfriend is under age or not. His parent do not have a say in it at all. Your boyfriend is now considered an adult in the eyes of the law were your daughter is concerned.

Can a fifteen year old girl live with her nineteen year old boyfriend legally with her mothers consent if they have a child together?

depends where u live

Is Katy Perry having a baby?

On March 5, 2020 Katy Perry announced she was pregnant with her and boyfriend, Orlando Bloom's first child together.

Can a mother lose custody of her child because she has had the child around her boyfriend?


What should you do if your boyfriend has a child who does not like you?

Most children don't like the new woman in their fathers life because they are desperately hoping their mother and father will get back together again or, they don't want any other woman replacing their biological mother. It takes time and it is also time that the father had a talk to his child (if old enough) and explain his feelings about you to the child. Slowly the two of you could spend some quality time together with the child by doing things together and hugging and kissing should not be around the child for several months and only in private. Talk to your boyfriend about being more proactive in his childs life and explain what is going on.