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== == Depending on your visa, you should have no problem; friends visiting the US from Germany were able to visit Canada for a few days, just got a stamp in their passports. Check to see if Canada requires a visa to visit from your country, maybe with the Consulate or Embassy.

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Q: Can an exchange student living in the US visit Canada for one day?
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How does one be an exchange student?

To become an exchange student first someone has to choose a country they wish to visit and find an agency that runs an exchange program there. After a reputable agency is chosen the student will have to make sure they meet all admission requirements. Once accepted the student will have to have the financial resources for tuition, travel, and living expenses. Finally a host family must be chosen and the exchange program can begin.

Can visit visa change to student visa in Canada?

Yes, you can easily change your visit visa to a student visa in Canada. .Firstly you will have to complete a program that is required for admission to a DLI while under visitor status. .have a spouse or parents who have a valid study permit or Canadian work permit. .visiting or exchange students studying at a DLI If youโ€™d like to learn more about convert visit visas to student visas in Canada, I would recommend visiting this page: SWIS immigration.

Host a Foreign Exchange Student and Explore a New Culture?

Student exchange programs are for the adventurer of life, those who love to try new things and people who love exploration. There is no better way to learn a different culture than by experiencing that culture. Learning outside the classroom, living in a completely different culture and immersing oneself in that culture; what could be more exhilarating? Leaving the comfort of one’s home, flying halfway around the world and living with strangers can be frightening. Yet, thousands of students do so every year. There are benefits for the student and the host family. One of the greatest benefits is that both sides are exposed to a different culture and language. Not only the foreign student learns in an exchange program; the family can learn just as much. The two can teach each other a new language, both learn about a different country and learn a new way of cooking. Another benefit that goes both ways is sight-seeing in your own state. Most people head out of the state, or at least out of town, when going on a vacation. When you have a foreign exchange student, however, one of the goals of the program is to introduce your home to the student. Families can plan all sorts of mini vacations in their own state as well as day trips in their town. Both the foreign exchange student and the host family get to know the area as well as enjoy sight-seeing together. The relationship that forms between the student and the host family is one that can go on indefinitely. A lot of bonding goes on in a school year, even a school semester, when living with each other. After the time is over, plans can be made for future visits; the host family can visit the home of their exchange student and the exchange student can visit the host family again. Meanwhile, letters and cards are something everyone can look forward to. Forming lasting relationships is another wonderful benefit. Student exchange programs benefit everyone. Open your home to a student and that student will open their heart to you.

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Philippine residents need a visa to visit Canada. Visit the Government of Canada site to see more.

Will you need a passport to visit Canada?

Tourists wishing to visit Canada need a valid passport.

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Filipino people need a visa in order to visit Canada.

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do I need a visa to visit Canada i am a UK passport holder

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do a germany refugee passport holder need visa to visit canada

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