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Q: Can an illegal child obtain residence if she has a citizen parent?
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Can marrying an illegal citizen affect your rights as custodial parent?


If an adult illegal alien has a parent that is a naturalized citizen what is his status?

If they are an adult their status is still the same, they are an illegal alien.

Is the son of an African citizen and an 18 year old US citizen a natural born U S citizen?

The US citizen parent must have five years US residence after age 14 for the child to be a US citizen. In this case, no. The sex of the US parent has no bearing on the case.

Who gets custody of the children in a divorce if one parent is US citizen and one is an alien and children were born in US?

I'm assuming you mean illegal alien, so unless the illegal parent has gotten rich in America to pay for a WAAAAAAAAY better lawyer than the US citizen, most likely the citizen.

Is it illegal for a parent to keep receiving ssi for a child that no longer lives at said parents residence?

That depends on whether that parent is the designated payee to handle the child's expenses.

If you are born of illegal immigrant parents in the US does this make you a citizen?

yes if you are born in the U S you are a citizen no matter what what your parent status is at the time of your birth.

Does the parent become a US citizen if the child is a US citizen?

No, the parent does not automatically become a citizen.

What is a parent of primary residence?

The parent you primarily reside with. The parent with physical custody.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain a green card if they have children born in us?

No, not by merely having a child born in the U.S. However, when the child turns 21, the child may file a petition for their parent. But before that, the parent always run the risk of being arrested and deported, even if they have U.S. citizen children.

What law that illegal can stay to carefor theirchild who isborn in us?

There no such law that states this. It is a factor that would help the illegal when applying for permanent resident status or even citizenship. The child would be a citizen, but not an illegal parent.

How does an illegal immigrant with two kids born in the US become a US citizen?

No, the children do as current law stands, but the parent is not considered legal.

If illegal immigrants have a child born in the US are the parents also citizens of the US?

No. Having a child in the United States does NOT affect the parent's immigration status. Once the child is 21, that child can petition for the parent to be given a green card, but the mere fact of an illegal having children who are US citizens does not confer any change in immigration status for that illegal alien. Thus, the illegal alien parent can easily be deported. The child may also be forced to leave with the illegal parent, but this depends entirely on the circumstances. Even if the US citizen child does leave with the illegal parent, that does not affect the citizenship of the child.

What happens to us children when their parent is illegal?

It depends. If the child was born in the US* they are considered a citizen, whether or not the parent(s) are illegal. There has been talk of changing the law because many illegal's come over the border to give birth, entitling the child to all benefits of an American, including welfare money, ect. They also can remain as a parent of an underaged citizen. If the child was not born in the US, he/she too would be illegal, and unless a green card is obtained. parent and child run the risk of deportation. *I use the US as an example. Other countries may have different laws pertaining to immigration.

Is it illegal for a parent to stress out their kid?

no....its rude, but not illegal

Can an undocumented alien parent of a child born in the US remain in the US with it's child?

Merely having a US citizen child gives the parent no legal status- the parent is still an illegal. The parent is still subject to arrest and deportation. The US government can, and does, deport parents of US citizen children. At that point the parent can either give up the child for adoption or take the child with them to their native country.

Is a child born overseas to one us citizen parent and one non-citizen parent a citizen?

Do you mean to ask if the child is a US citizen? Depends on how long the US citizen parent has been resident in the US. Need five years after age 14 to qualify.

What if an illegal has a child born in the US?

If an illegal has a child born in the U.S. then the child will be legal. The parent, however will continue to have illegal status and can be deported at any time. The child will be legal citizen of the United States of America. God Bless America!!

Can a child born in a foreign country with one American citizen as her parent become a US president?

If a child has a United States citizen as a parent, they are a citizen as well.

Can a us citizen parent have a baby in another country and they will be a citizen in that country?


How long does it take to fix illegal parents'?

People cannot be illegal. It is not illegal to be a parent.

What is another requirement to become president?

The only requirements are you must be 35 years old, a natural-born (not native-born -- read the Constitution) United States citizen and have 14 years of residence in the US."Natural-born" citizen means you became a citizen at birth, which means you were born on US soil OR had at least one parent who was a US citizen when you were born.

Where is spanking illegal?

In the US, it's not illegal in any state for a *parent* to spank their child. It is illegal for a parent to beat their child. They're different different things.

Are you a US citizen if one parent is a US citizen and the other is not and you are born out of th US?

Yes, you are a US citizen.

Child support for illegal children?

Child support for illegal children can be difficult. A court order is required to enforce child support payments, and this depends on the parent being a legal immigrant with a legal job to collect from. If a illegal child is born of a US citizen or naturalization, the child is no longer considered illegal.

Is a child born in the Philippines with one American citizen as her parent an American citizen?