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only if the person marries a US citizen

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No, and the laws regarding marriage to an illegal immigrant become more draconian every day.

i married in 2005 to an illegal with no valid id only a legal birth certificate from his country! am i legally maried to him here in the US?

Your question reveals an unconscious bias. You said,= "How can a US citizen sponsor an illegal immigrant...." = If you "sponsor" them, they are not an "illegal immigrant." Careful, the way your question is phrased says a lot about you. The very term "illegal immigrant" is insulting to ....migrant workers, especially. Mexican citizens surely don't like the phrase and, by the way, Superman was apparently an "illegal immigrant" and you SURELY wouldn't want to insult HIM.

No rights gained, save for the ability to legalize your residency status if the immigrant entered the country LEGALLY.

Illegal immigrant children are given a US birth certificate. The parents remain illegals.

No, that just means that the child will be a US immigrant. The illegal immigrant will still be illegal.

No. The marriage would not be allowed. Also, marrying a US citizen regardless of the circumstances does not prevent an illegal immigrant from being deported.

Regardless if you are in the military or not, once you marry an illegal immigrant with a marriage of a year or longer, they are legally U.S. residence thereafter.

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

Sometimes, but each case is different, and it is very difficult if the immigrant is originally from Mexico. It certainly wouldn't hurt to consult with an immigration lawyer though.

yes, illegal immigrant can be deported even if he/she has children who are US citizens. moreover harbouring an illegal immigrant is a serious offence. please refer to US department of homeland security website

You can't marry somebody--legal or not--who is already married. At least not in America. If the US doesn't recognize the marriage or if it is invalidated by a US judicial representative there's no reason why a citizen can't marry the immigrant.

If they're in the country legally, they should apply for US citizenship.

The term "illegal immigrant" says it all. There are no illegal immigrants who are allowed to live in the US.

No not an illegal immigrant but a legal one can. * If the couple were legally married the immigrant spouse can request spousal maintenance (alimony). Immigration issues are federal matters and have no bearing on domestic issues such as divorce. child custody/support which come under the jurisdiction of state not federal law.

does an illegal immigrant married to a citizens us have to go back to his country to get green card

You cant reuturn back when a illegal immigrant gets caught being illegal they deport them and they tell them how much time they cant be in the US

Legally speaking you can't. That is the whole point. If you are in the US illegally, you can't legally work there. Even if you are in the US legally, you can't necessarily work there, for example, if you are on a tourist visa, or some student visas. Practically speaking, I suppose you need an employer willing to ignore the law.

They seem to be affecting your grammar.

If you mean can the elder perform the marriage ceremony of a US citizen JW with a JW who is an illegal immigrant in the US then assuming that it is not illegal to do so then I would also assume that it is allowable.

It is legal in the United States for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen. Once the marriage is legal, the illegal immigrant becomes a legal immigrant and can stay in the US for the course of the marriage.

It is impossible for an illegal immigrant to marry a US citizen unless they have legal documentation-like their birth certificate (see the other answer to this question, on this site too)

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