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Generally speaking, they will not be able to get a green card until the child reaches the age of 19 or 21 (can't remember exactly) and can file an 1-130 for their parent. Needles to say, this is one of the longest ways to get a green card. Some people say that this is why people come to the U.S., but a 20 plus year wait doesn't seem very attractive to me.

AnswerIt's 21 years. And I agree: waiting for your baby to be 21 years old so you can get your permanent resident alien visa ("green card") is hardly worth it. But, believe it or not, that's the only hope to get a visa for millions of illegal immigrants right now other than marriage to an American citizen.
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Q: Can an illegal immigrant who has had an American baby get a green card?
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What happens to an illegal immigrant who has an American baby?

you get cachado

Does an illegal immigrant become a legal resident by having a baby with an American citizen?


What happens if an illegal immigrant on a visa lived in your house and had a baby?

Well the baby is a U.S. Citizen and since the baby is a U.S. Citizen, in time the "illegal immigrant" may be able to get a green card and first of all an illegal immigrant isn't illegal if they have a visa, except if they were living and working in the U.S on a tourist visa,

Can you have a baby with an illegal immigrant?

Yes you can.

If a Mexican or any other illegal immigrant comes into the country and has a baby does where does the baby have citizenship?

He is Mexican and American (has dual citizenship).

If you marry an illegal person and you have a baby how does he become legal?

If the baby was born in the United States of America or even at a U.S. Embassy anywhere in the world, the baby is automatically deemed an American citizen despite the parent being an illegal immigrant.

Can someone who is an illegal immigrant and has a baby with someone from the USA get child custody?

I think that an immigrant has the right to get custody of his or her child just like an American citizen.As long as they are fit and respondsible parents.

If an American man has a baby with an illegal immigrant woman does the mother get residency or citizenship?

No,she would get neither one. The child would be the one to reap the benefits and be a American Citizen.

Is a baby brought in the us considered an illegal immigrant?

Yes he has to be born in us

If an illegal immigrant couple has a baby in the US does this make them both legal?

No.... it doesn't. In Spain it does.

Can an illegal immigrant get papers faster if he has a baby with a US citizen?

No, having a baby will not make the process any faster or easier.

If a female illegal immigrant becomes pregnant by us male citizen and baby is born in Mexico is the baby a us citizen?


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