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You're not a legal citizen, but if you're married to one you will need to file a petition and apply for citizenship, which takes a while. Very risky.

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Q: Can an immigrant from kazakhstan who marryies a us citizen while on a tourist visa stay in the us?
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Is kazakhstan a tourist area?


Do you have to have a visa to move from the Philippines to the US?

Yes, unless you are already a US citizen you will need an immigrant visa that permits you to work, not a tourist visa.

What happens if an illegal immigrant on a visa lived in your house and had a baby?

Well the baby is a U.S. Citizen and since the baby is a U.S. Citizen, in time the "illegal immigrant" may be able to get a green card and first of all an illegal immigrant isn't illegal if they have a visa, except if they were living and working in the U.S on a tourist visa,

Do a British citizen can get married to a tourist?

is a british citizen can get maried to a tourist visa in the uk

What is antonym of citizen?


Is kazakhstan a popular tourist destination?

Aside from some skiers, Kazakhstan is not a very popular tourist destination, but it's gaining popularity. More airlines are offering flights there now.

Where do you find the non immigrant visa number for a tourist visit?


Can a US citizen legally marry an Indian citizen on a tourist visa in the US?


Do you need sponsorship for tourist visa?

Do you need sponsorship for non immigrant visa?

Can an immigrant with tourist visa join the US army?

No! You need a visa whit you can get CG!

Can a US citizen legally marry a person who is in the country with a tourist visa but a tourist visa has expired for years?

Can a us citizen marry a person who has a expired student visa?

Can you report a pregnant immigrant with tourist visa?

it is not illegal to be pregnant on a tourist visa and they will learn the hard way it wil not change their immigration status if that is what they are after.

One who comes into a country in which ones is not a native?

If one is only visiting the country, see for a vacation, they are a tourist. If one is moving to this country, they are an immigrant.

Can a us citizen marry a foreign national on a tourist visa?

A US citizen can marry a foreign national on a tourist visa. The only requirement is that neither of them should already be married.

What is it called when one who comes into a country in which one is not a native?

A visitor / tourist An immigrant An alien An illegal immigrant (if your arrival is not in conformance with the immigration laws of the country of destination).

Can you extend your India tourist visa if you're a citizen of UK?

Yes, Indian tourist visa can be extended on medical grounds.

Does a Filipino citizen need a visa to visit japan?

I'am filipino citizen, do i need tourist visa going to japan?

Does a US citizen need a visa to travel to Germany?

No. A US citizen can be a tourist in Germany VISA-free for 90 days.

Can a US citizen legally marry an Indonesian citizen on a tourist visa in the US if already married abroad?

No- that is considered bigamy.

You only tourist in US but you gave birth will it be helpful if you will apply for immigrant in US?

Having a child in the US does not particularly help you gain immigrant status or entitle you to government payments.

Does a U.S. citizen need a visa to visit Romania as a tourist?

This visa is not necessary.

Does Filipinos citizen need tourist visa for Brazil?

Yes , go Forward

How long can an American citizen stay in Mexico?

As a tourist, for up to six months.

Can a US citizen marry a woman from Costa Rica on a tourist visa?


How does a US citizen legally marry a Mexican who has a valid tourist visa?

A US citizen who wants to marry a Mexican with a tourist visa may do so in the state in which the US citizen resides. The Mexican national needs only to provide a valid ID; a Mexican passport will do.