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It depends what type of infection and in most cases yes if you have a weakened immune system. Women are very prone to urinary tract infections. If you had an infected tooth and were treated with antibiotics then no, this infection should go away, but, anything else in your body be it a urinary tract infection to an wound that won't heal and keeps getting infected means you have a drained immune system and you can pump that immune system up by going to a good Homeopathic clinic.

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Which foods protect body from infection?

None directly. But a well nourished body is more resistant to infection.

Can you treat syphilis after several years?

Yes, you can treat syphilis after several years of infection. Treatment may be more complicated than if the infection were treated earlier.

Is a yeast infection more severe than chlamydia?

You can not compare the infections like that. Yeast infection will demand early treatment as it is trouble some. It can be easily diagnosed and can be treated easily. Chlamydia infection may go unnoticed and can get treated incompletely . So it can land up in serious complications, at times.

How can you treat electrical burns?

Treatment of electrical burns varies depending on the severity of the burn and the amount of area that has been burned. Contact burns can be treated with cool compresses however more severe burns need to be treated in an emergency room to prevent infection.

Can a yeast infection spread if not treated?

Yes. In fact, read the source to learn more about it (I HONESTLY SUGGEST IT):

What cells does your body make more of if there is an infection?

white blood cells

What happens when strep throat is not treated?

it could turn into something more serious like rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, tonsillitis, sinus infection, ear infection or inflammation of the kidney.

Can sinus infections kill you?

A sinus infection in its self would not kill you for say, if a sinus infection goes untreated it can cause other health issues such as, meningitis, which is very deadly. It's advised for anyone with a sinus infection to see a Dr. They do not go away on there own and can in fact cause more problems if not treated. Sinus infections need to be treated with antibiotics.

How will a systemic infection result from a localized surgical wound infection?

The bacteria get into your bloodstream and sepsis is the result. It can be treated with oral, or more likely , IV antibiotics.Sometimes it can't be helped , if you are weak or auto-immune compromised .

The body's response if infectected by the same infection again?

the body's response is exactly the same except this time the body is more prepared and the immune system has more control over the infection.

Can a yeast infection be treated?

Yes, it is usually treated with anti-fungal cream (or vaginal suppository) containing miconazole, found as brand names Monistat, Femizol, Miconazex, and others. There are other, more natural ways to treat yeast infections, but they are generally less effective, depending on the severity of the infection.

Why does it burn when i pee. i am pregnant?

It's more likely to be a urinary tract infection. It's easily treated. Better see your doctor.

Does yeast infection happen more than once if treated will?

It can. It's caused by bacteria and it's quite easy to get. When you cure it it's for that time only.

How long should an acute uncomplicated infection be treated?

As much as possible, it should be dealt with immediately so that it can be alleviated and cured and will not become more fatal.

Can a yeast infection become more serious if not treated?

Warm Greetings, As women we are special with special needs. Any kind of infection should be treated with immediate and unrelenting attenton; men to face health related concerns regarding yeast infections. Best Wishes

What antibiotic take for sinus infection?

Sinus infections can be treated by a number of antibiotics. The most common are amoxicillin, augmentin, bactrim, zithromax and biaxin. The choice has more to do with the severity of the infection and the patient history (allergies to medications, etc).

Can an infection increase your heart rate?

An infection can definitely increase your heart rate. Especially if you have a fever. Your body is working hard to fight off the infection, and in return, your heart rate rises. This is also why you get out of breath when your sick. You're body is doing more to fight infections, even when your not!

How is the flu harmful?

Yes flu is makes the body weak and more and more disease can be seen if flu not treated in time.

What would happen if you had a yeast infection and never got it treated and could you become very sick?

Of course, and there's no reason not to treat it. There are even over the counter remedies available. Yeast infections can lead to much more serious conditions. Your body would deal with it eventually unless your immune system is suppressed as it would deal with any infection.

How does a virus infect your body?

The virus takes over your cell, then reproduces with the infection, making more viruses.

What does infection in white blood cells mean?

It means that theres more germs in your body than protection

Should you take antibiotics every time you get an infection?

no... no only because the more you take it the more your body becomes immune to it. so after years of taking it nothing will happen. if you have pain from the infection try using some Tylenol because it will take your body longer to get use to Tylenol.

Can men get urinary tract infection?

Though urinary tract infection is more often in women than in men, men can also get this infection. Once noticed the signs or symptoms of uti, one should go to see a doctor asap. The infection can be treated with antibiotics or herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.

Why do testicles hurt?

Your testicles have many more nerve endings than much of the rest of your body so they are more sensitive to pain then the rest of your bodyinfection, prostate cancer, etc....

Why would you combine fluconazole and azithromycin?

Because you have both a fungal infection (fluconazole) and a bacterial infection (azithromycin). Without knowing more about what's going on, I'm not willing to make any guesses about what specific disease is being treated, sorry.