Can anyone give me some tips for your first date I am 13 and I am really nervous?

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well, your pretty young but BE YOURSELF and look amazing...if you do that then he will surely fall for you also, to get him to ask you out again, be flirty but dont push it too far. Let him come to you.
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What are some tips for your first date?

Try not to be too shy, keep the conversation going. And if you are going out to eat do NOT get a super messy food. Smell good, dress according to wherever you are going. Crack

Can you give us some dog tips My dog is really naughty?

two words CEASAR MILAN he really is amazing. he has written a book and does a tv show called the dog whisperer.. i have a six month old spaniel and hes a nightmare to train

Dating tips for 13 year olds?

boy: kiss only if the girl is into that stuff, dont by her flowers (it will make it awkward), dont txt the whole time unless you are txtng each other. girl: dont wear a reall

Can anyone give me some beauty tips to look fair?

Hair: 1 always brush it 2 put moose in it to curl it 3 use protection to straighten it 4 look up cute hairstyles to do and learn them 5 always take good showers and

Does anyone really give an intelligent answer on this site?

There are many good answers -- sometimes it depends on the question. Kids who are cutting-and-pasting questions from their assignments are not going to get good answers becaus

Does anyone have tips on flirting with a girl at age 13?

All you have to do is just look into her eyes and say cute little things..for instance she might ask you did you go to the game last night? If u say no say "No,but I whish I c

I'm 13 could anyone give you some advice about acting and how you get into a film?

I would start by doing your own scenes with a cheap video camera, and editing them to show agents or managers in your area. Find out about open auditions, and start looking fo

You really like a girl your 13 shes 14 you care about her more than yourself and she really likes you to you just started dating first date is going to be a movie tips?

Unless this girl wants to move really fast, DON'T try to make out with her. This will most likely just upset her because you are moving too fast and you are only 13. Holding h
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What are some dating tips for a 13 year old?

I'm a 13 year old myself, some dating tips: * if your friends don't approve of this person... don't do it your friends are right * only go out with them if u both REALLY
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Can anyone give me some tips for playing electric guitar?

oh plenty , youtube makes us all experts. I've played for almost 10 years and here's some tips always have the guitar in tune learn guitar tabliture use all 4 fingers
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What are some tips for giving emotional first aid?

This is too general of a questionThis is too general of a questionto answer specifically. You should take a full first-aid course todevelop your knowledge of how to provide fi