Can anyone give me some tips for your first date I am 13 and I am really nervous?

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well, your pretty young but BE YOURSELF and look amazing...if you do that then he will surely fall for you also, to get him to ask you out again, be flirty but dont push it too far. Let him come to you.
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What are ideas and tips for a first date?

First and foremost ... be yourself! Don't be what you think he/shewants you to be. Obviously this person is attracted to you as youare. Remember that both of you are going to be nervous on thatfirst date so you are not alone. Be sure you are showered,clean/pressed clothes and if a woman, don't over- ( Full Answer )

First date tips?

-Just be yourself - if you feel like your aren't being yourself, it's okay you will get used to him/her eventually! - Don't be too shy! - Look good! - girls...wear something that can flatter you well! guys... look cool and classy - Have fun! put all your worries aside and just be yourself! ( Full Answer )

I really want a celebi can anyone give me one?

No, there is no way except for pal park.. Another way is to use a cheat code through an action replay to get one... then, after you have it in your pokedex, you can trade for a real one on the wireless trade network.. it depends if you have an action replay

Tips for first date?

are you the boy taking the girl on the date? if so, maybe take her to the cinema and buy her ticket. just be yourself, if your the girl go with the flow and be grateful, but don't except him to pay for everything.

Can you give you dating tips age 10?

1.first off, to get a date you have to have a crush!flirt with him and then ask him out[if you are too scared,keep on flirting and he will prob ask you out] 2.on the day you ask him out[or the day he asks you out],when you get home from school,tell your parents that you scored a boyfriend,but that h ( Full Answer )

Going on your first date need tips about what to and what not to do?

Here is a site with some teen dating tips: Here are some additional tips: (more directed towards a guy) --Make sure to take more than enough money to cover the entire outing. If you go to a sit down restaurant (not fast food) , be su ( Full Answer )

Tips for a first date?

well the trick is to stay clam you don't want to freak the other person out just relax and be your self , just be normal.

What are some tips for your first date?

Try not to be too shy, keep the conversation going. And if you are going out to eat do NOT get a super messy food. Smell good, dress according to wherever you are going. Crack jokes, a sense of humor always helps to break the ice.

Can you give us some dog tips My dog is really naughty?

two words CEASAR MILAN he really is amazing. he has written a book and does a tv show called the dog whisperer.. i have a six month old spaniel and hes a nightmare to train. and hes SOO energetic.. i try to be persistant in my disciplining so he doesnt get the idea that he can get away with cert ( Full Answer )

Dating tips for 13 year olds?

boy: kiss only if the girl is into that stuff, dont by her flowers (it will make it awkward), dont txt the whole time unless you are txtng each other. girl: dont wear a really fancy dress or something that is uncomfortable, just relax and dont be too nervous or stressed, dont get your parents too i ( Full Answer )

Teens first date tips?

Go light on them. Don't reveal all your cards at once. NEVER have you-no-what. If they offer you a cig or anything say no. Keep talking(unless at a movie). Enjoy it

What dating tips or advice would you give?

For a good start: Be genuinely interested in the other person. Let them talk about themselves. Ask them questions and find out what they are interested in. If you don't talk at all or only talk about yourself, it is a huge turnoff. Best: There is a lot of dating advice available today which is v ( Full Answer )

What are some really good proana tips?

Try to drink plenty of green tea because it increases your metabolism and also drink plenty of water. Many people say to chew gum and this does satisfy you by putting flavor in your mouth, but for me it makes me even hungrier!! I like to eat ice too, because it is almost like a solid, but it's reall ( Full Answer )

Can anyone give me some beauty tips to look fair?

Hair: 1 always brush it 2 put moose in it to curl it 3 use protection to straighten it 4 look up cute hairstyles to do and learn them 5 always take good showers and make sure to wash your hair correctly or it will be greasy and gross Face: 1 always put on lotion in the morning before ( Full Answer )

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Does anyone really give an intelligent answer on this site?

There are many good answers -- sometimes it depends on the question. Kids who are cutting-and-pasting questions from their assignments are not going to get good answers because they're cheating. People with good questions -- like this one -- get someone who thinks about their answer and tries to g ( Full Answer )

Does anyone have tips on flirting with a girl at age 13?

All you have to do is just look into her eyes and say cute little things..for instance she might ask you did you go to the game last night? If u say no say "No,but I whish I could have seen you play,Id be cheering you on" say you know ive never been this close to your eyes beofre they look so pretty ( Full Answer )

Does anyone have some tips for a young author?

Here's a bunch of tips that will help you get published: 1. A really good, finished, well/repeatedly-editted book (this will, most likely, not be the first novel you ever write, so don't worry if the first one isn't "the one") 2. Read--this includes your "competetion" (books that are similar to ( Full Answer )

I'm 13 could anyone give you some advice about acting and how you get into a film?

I would start by doing your own scenes with a cheap video camera, and editing them to show agents or managers in your area. Find out about open auditions, and start looking for casting offices where you live that are open to you submitting yourself for work. Having something you have shot yourself i ( Full Answer )

Im a 35 years old male and really want to have a baby but it doesnt work can anybody give me some tips for me and my current boyfriend?

Not sure if you are serious. Is it possible you meant to type that you are a 35 year old female and not male? If you are a male it seems you would realize that adoption or surrogate parenthood are the choices. But assuming that you are both male, I think that one day we will figure out how to transf ( Full Answer )

Can anyone give tips on defensive softball drills?

Practice the fore-hand, back-hand, and front short hops. Give your girls all kinds of hits, make them play out every single hit, even if it is a mess-up, because every kind of hit will happen in a game, and they all need to be played out. Run a drill where it is game situation so that your players c ( Full Answer )

You really like a girl your 13 shes 14 you care about her more than yourself and she really likes you to you just started dating first date is going to be a movie tips?

Unless this girl wants to move really fast, DON'T try to make out with her. This will most likely just upset her because you are moving too fast and you are only 13. Holding hands is a good way to start the whole "physical" thing without you trying to get down her pants. Offer to buy her popcorn or ( Full Answer )

There is this really cute girl you have none for 4 years but im stuck in the friendship zone and you want to go out with her can somebody give you some tips?

talk to her, its always the best option. Ask her who she likes, and then when and if she asks you, tell her you like her. Then give her time. If you have been friends for a long time it can be difficult to move from the friendship to relationship stage, but in theory a good friendship leads to a goo ( Full Answer )

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The key to MW2 is playing defensive-agressive. It's much different when compared to the other games in the series, because it focuses heavily on staying hidden or behind something. 1. Don't rush in unless you know what you're doing 2. Don't stay clustered with your team mates, spread out to be most ( Full Answer )

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If you are having trouble finding something, a good idea is to clean up the place and organize all of your games and dvd's. (sometimes games can be mixed in with cds, dvds, and other software discs) Organize all of your storage areas where the game might be. If you frequently play this game, check ( Full Answer )

Does anyone have some tips on how to clean the basement?

Tips: How to clean the basement Put stuff you use the least on the most difficult to reach shelves. Don't be a pack rat get rid of stuff you know you're never going to use. If you're on a low budget you can use cinder blocks and driftwood as shelving. A good way to get rid of cobwebs is to use yo ( Full Answer )

Give some tips to reduce the weight?

Just like a horse, our bodies are designed to feel full after eating a certain physical mas of food. If you feed a horse as much grain as they want they will become obese. The same with us, if you feed yourself artificially caloric ally dense food you will overconsume. Instead, eat vegitables and wh ( Full Answer )

Does Anyone Have Any Tips For Middle School Dating?

Take your time; you have a life time in front of you and plenty of time to experience everything. Not everything must be done now. Since you are not likely to be very mobile, unless your date likes riding on the back of your Huffy, stick to a local hangout to which you both can walk, or Middle Sc ( Full Answer )

My daughter is getting the herbst appliance on Thursday and she's really nervous any tips?

First off, reassure your daughter not to be as nervous (you can't exactly tell someone to not be nervous). The appliance is only going to help her smile be bigger and better. The first couple days her cheeks may be a little sore from the new appliance- her mouth will soon adapt to its new features. ( Full Answer )

What are some dating tips for a 13 year old?

I'm a 13 year old myself, some dating tips: * if your friends don't approve of this person... don't do it your friends are right * only go out with them if u both REALLY like another, don't use them * talk to them otherwise they will think its a pointless relationship * don't be embarras ( Full Answer )

Can you give me some tips I am in middle school and I play trumpet but not very well and I HATE band it really stresses me out I need some tips on how to play better and how to get rid of the stress?

i also play trumpet in a middle school band but tips to play better or as follows to practice scales the music you are currently playing in band also practice octaves like from c to g to c to e to g and up also air flow really helps .. stress in band is huge to i about quit band this semester becaus ( Full Answer )

What are some really good beauty tips?

Well some good beauty tips are.... 1. Always make sure you have make up on 2. If you have curly hair straighten it 3. Give yourself a " Stay at home spa day" 4. Take a shower everyday 5. Put on nice designer clothing And that's is some pretty good beauty tips!

Can anyone give me some tips for playing electric guitar?

oh plenty , youtube makes us all experts. I've played for almost 10 years and here's some tips always have the guitar in tune learn guitar tabliture use all 4 fingers , make excercises getting used to the pinky and around the neck as placement of the frets gets closer together as you go up ( Full Answer )

Give me some tips of interviews?

Telling the interviewer more than he needs to know could be a fatalmistake. When you have not prepared ahead of time, you may ramblewhen answering interview questions, sometimes talking yourselfright out of the job. Prepare for the interview by reading throughthe job posting, matching your skills wi ( Full Answer )

What are some tips for giving emotional first aid?

This is too general of a questionThis is too general of a questionto answer specifically. You should take a full first-aid course todevelop your knowledge of how to provide first-aid. to answer specifically. You should take a full first-aid course todevelop your knowledge of how to provide first-aid ( Full Answer )