Can anyone learn Astrology?

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December 27, 2014 8:18PM

Yes and No.

Anyone who has an interest in the subject and has basic intelligence can learn astrology by pursuing a methodical and systematic approach. There are a selected astrology classes and books that can be helpful in learning astrology, its basics, fundamentals, and techniques to calculate and make astrological charts. The first choice is making a right choice about the books to be followed. The second is the attitude for learning. Progressive attitude taking help of the modern researches helps more than just following the classical literature. With good guidance about interpreting the charts, one can become proficient enough to use astrology for identifying and improving the aspects of health, relationships, professional and business ventures besides gaining insight about their own character, personality, and energies that surround them and influence their daily activities. With such knowledge, you can even help your family or friends to understand themselves and their situations better.

But learning astrology to become a professional astrologer is another thing. It demands time and sincerity. Although almost anyone can get a basic knowledge about astrology and its techniques, developing the interpretive skills, which is by far the most important ability of an astrologer, is not something that everyone can master. Objectivity and judicious approach helps better for becoming a professional astrologer. These skills come with practice and experience, but also require the learner to have some natural ability and a highly intuitive nature.

If you think you are blessed with such abilities, then you can take a variety of classes and courses to learn the fundamentals of astrology and then begin practicing, so as to get the necessary experience and practical knowledge about astrology. There are following options: (a) following the classical approach. (b) learning astrology with those offering learning through Systems'Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes (c) learning with eminent or noted astrologers (d) learning basic with classical systems and then following the modern systems found useful. (e) They can make use of free access to material for learning vedic astrology available on the internet. You can also join some for an E Mail course for Learning Astrology through various institutions. The internet is a very valuable resource for those who want to learn vedic astrology. Selection of right guide is also important.

The question should be answered from an astrology point of view.

To Learn astrology the following qualities are essential:

1) Reading and comprehending capability

2) Ability to assimilate various angles into a result

3) Knowledge of the world, times and human beings

4) General awareness

5) Interest and willingness to invest time and resources

Apart from above the combinations in a horoscope would guide the native to learn or not to learn astrology. Thus even to learn astrology the promise should be there in the horoscope.

Or, you could just dig in and learn it rather than letting the universe tell you anything. But, if you negate the will of the universe from your decision, you probably don't subscribe to astrology, so have no interest in learning it. It's a conundrum.