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Aaaah yes ... the bad fuel problem-)

Yes, it can cause damage to the engine. Yes, it can damage a sensor.

Solution: go to an auto parts store that can check error codes. Then, the error code will say which sensor is bad.

Most likey it's these sensors (with estimated prices): MAP - $30 Oxygen - $20 and last (not a sensor) egr (valve) - $80 fuel injector - $70 each spark plugs - $2-15 fuel filter - $8

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Q: Can bad fuel damage a sensor?
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Can bad fuel damage an Oxygen sensor?

Contaminated fuel will certainly damage an 02 sensor and the cat as well. Yes. O2 sensors do wear out even under ideal conditions but bad fuel, racing fuel, fuel with lead accelerate the deterioating effects the exhaust gases & particles have on the sensor. Even when there is no sign of a problem it's not a bad idea to replace the O2 sensors at 60k or 70k as they can degrade slowly over time and impact the efficiency of the engine without being noticeable.

Will bad oxygen sensors cause power loss?

A bad oxygen sensor can cause power loss, reduced fuel economy and damage to your catalytic converter.

What are the side effects if the map sensor is bad?

The computer can deliver the wrong amount of fuel resulting in poor performance, wasted fuel or valve damage, and that's IF it even runs at all.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel speed sensor?

Fuel speed sensor? Try again, need more info.

Does a 1991 camaro rs have a gas sensor and if it goes bad where are they located?

Gas sensor? Not sure what you mean, could it be a Fuel gauge sensor? Oxygen sensor? Fuel pressure regulator?

What will a bad mass air flow sensor cause?

What will a bad mass air flow sensor cause? Mass Air flow sensor regulates amount of air coming in to the amount of fuel being used. If this sensor is bad you would have either a overly rich or lean fuel condition. Check the fuel pump as mass air flow sensor has no moving parts and rarely goes out.

Can a bad crank sensor cause fuel pump to fail?


5.3 Chevy black smoke high fuel consumption?

Bad fuel pressure regulator, Map. sensor not working or the vacuum line is bad or off of the sensor. You did not say what year it is.

What causes the air-fuel mixture to become too rich?

bad or misreading MAP or MAF sensors, bad ECT sensor, bad TPS sensor, stuck open fuel injector, or problem with fuel system, faulty parameters set in ECU or bad ECU.

1997 dodge ram fuel pumptruck acts as if the fuel pump is bad i sprayed carb cleaner in fuel injecters and it ran so i pumped most of the gas out i tryed to startit and it ran perfect for 10 minits?

sounds like you have a bad cam position sensor,a clogged fuel filter,or a bad fuel pump sounds like you have a bad cam position sensor,a clogged fuel filter,or a bad fuel pump

What causes raw fuel to come out the exhaust manifold?

mass air sensor or purge valve sensor could be a bad fuel pressure regulator

What does an bad fuel pressure sensor do?

It relays bad info to the gauge. If you have a GM, it is probably what is wrong.

Impala fuel gauge stops at half full?

The most common reason for the fuel gauge in an Impala to stop at half full is a bad fuel sensor. The sensor is mounted inside of the fuel tank.

Will a vehicle start if the fuel tank pressure sensor is bad?


Fuel pump in a 1995 contour was replaced but still does not start?

bad fuel filter, bad injector, bad crank sensor, and ignition system, bad drivers (electric, not you) bad gas, clogged fuel line (no gas). could be anything

Where does the responsibility follow when the purchase of bad fuel caused damage to your vehicle?

Liability is with the seller of the fuel if you can prove that the fuel was contaminated.

What are the symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor?

service light poor fuel milage

Would a bad fuel pressure sensor give a negative pressure reading?

NO it will not.

What problems can a bad o2 sensor cause?

Bad O2 sensor or O2 sensor not working properlyO2 sensor senses the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gases and send signal to ECU to regulate Air fuel ratio.If O2 sensor is bad or not working then it does not work effectively so air fuel ratio is not maintained. And it may create following causes.Increased tailpipe emissionsHesitation on accelerationIncreased fuel consumptionRough idlingStallingAnd of course Sensor Light on dash indicates problem

Can a bad knock sensor cause your car to shutoff?

yes, it is protecting the motor from damage.

What is PO191 cencor for a Chevy truck?

Fuel rail pressure sensor fault. Most usually an out of range fault caused by a plugged fuel filter, bad fuel pump or faulty sensor. (In that order)

Symptoms of bad camshaft position sensor?

A bad crankshaft position sensor on your Chrysler 300 will cause the engine to run very rough or not run at all. The malfunctioning sensor can cause damage to your engine, if not repaired.

Will a bad fuel sending unit on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo cause the check engine light to come on?

Sure you could get one of these*P0460 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Malfunction*P0461 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Range/Performance*P0462 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Low Input*P0463 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit High Input*P0464 Fuel Level Sensor Circuit Intermittent

Why would a 2001 Jeep Cherokee fuel gauge read differently at times?

The fuel gauge in a 2001 Cherokee could be having different readings due to a bad fuel sensor. The sensor is mounted inside of the fuel tank.

Will a bad crank sensor not stop a fuel pump from running?

The crankshaft position sensor has nothing to do with the fuel pump but a defective fuel pump relay and fuel pump fuse will and also a missing ground circuit will cause it not to run