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Can birth control shorten the length of your period?

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Yes. It depends what pills you re on. Many cause your menus to become lighter. ( some time a 1, 2 or 3 day period)

Doctors have discovered there is no medical need for a period.

Many doctors will now prescribe 3 months worth of pills to be taken straight with a one week break after 3 months (This results in 4 periods a year)

IUD's are another form of Birth Control that can virtually eliminate periods all together. and they are MUCH safer than they were 30 yrs ago.

hopes this helps to answer your question

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How can you shorten the period length?

There is no natural way to shorten the length of your period. If you are taking the 21-day birth control pill, starting a new pack early may shorten your period slightly. However, doing this may affect the efficiency of your birth control.

What kinds of birth control pills shorten the amount of days you have a period?


How do you quicken periods?

Menstrual periods can last 3-7 days. An easy way to shorten the length of a menstrual period, is to take a form of hormonal birth control.

How do you shorten your period time?

there is no way to really shorten your period but you can regulate it by taking birth control and taking it doesnt meen you have to have sex just that it makes it come on time

How long does it take for birth control to shorten your period?

4 weeks is the minimum 7 at max

Does birth control shorten periods?

It just depends on what type of birth control you are using. There are some that don't interrupt the cycle at all; others, such as the depo shot, that stop the cycle all together, and others that shorten the period, and help lessen menstrual pain.

Can you shorten your period once it starts?

The only way to shorten your period once it starts is to start a new pack of birth control pills. By taking your pills earlier than normal, your period will wane and stop earlier than it was supposed to.

Can you take birth control to start your period back up?

no. Birth control pills can stop periods altogether, shorten them, or turn them in to "spotting" If you were getting your period before you started the pills. If you stop at any time during your cycle this should bring on your period.

How get rid of your period sooner?

Using birth control pills will shorten your period, exercising your butt off the 1st day helps and it gets rid of cramps too.

Is it possible for the birth control patch to shorten your periods?


What is the average length of a period while using Yaz birth control?

2-8 DAYS

Can you shorten your period?

There is no safe way to shorten your period and it is something that just has to be allowed to run its course. If you are on the 21 day birth control pill, although not recommended, starting your next pack of pills before your 7 pill free days are up, might cause your period to end a little early.

How can you get your period without taking birth control?

Your period will come naturally. Birth control does not help you get your period. Your body decides when you will get your period.

Can birth control shorten you period?

No, but that's because you don't get a period on hormonal birth control.Hormonal birth control works by stopping your menstrual cycle so that you no longer ovulate, and thus in turn you no longer menstruate. The bleeding you get on hormonal birth control is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to placebo week. A withdrawal bleed may be shorter than your period depending on the length of your menstrual phase verses your withdrawal bleed, and withdrawal bleeds can be lighter too.

Your period ended today so when can you start birth control?

You can start your birth control the Sunday after your period.

Can you take birth control during your period?

Yes, you can take birth control during your period. You should take your birth control as directed regardless of bleeding.

Can birth control delay your period?

Somewhat. You can use birth control pills to have a more controlled & predictable period.It can.

Will birth control cause a withdrawal period even if you are pregnant?

You get a withdrawal period AFTER you go off birth control.

Does birth control still work when you are on your period?

Yes but you dont get pregnant on your period even without birth control.

Can you put on the birth control patch during your period?

Yes, you can put on the birth control patch during your period.

Can you get pregnant on your period if you use birth control?

No. Birth control will prevent pregnancy.

Is it Unhealthy to not have period on birth control?

No, it is perfectly fine to not have a period while on birth control. Your physician would tell you the same.

Is your period supposed to be normal after getting off birth control?

Everyone starts getting their period after birth control eventually.

Can stress cause your period to start only two weeks after your last period while on birth control?

No, stress will not cause a "period" on birth control.

Can the birth control patch make your period shorter?

The birth control patch normally makes a woman's period shorter and lighter. This change happens with all hormonal birth control.