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Can bitter melon leaf extract prevent malaria?

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Bitter melon is certainly used in several countries to treat and prevent malaria, but there do not appear to be any studies which support this.

I have a Filipino friend who got maleria at the age of 8. Her mother told her to drink the bitter melon drink she gave her and she would get well and she did.

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Is it safe to eat bitter melon seeds?

You can eat bitter melon seeds (Monodic genus) if they are cooked. Dried bitter melon seeds are found in remedies against diabetes and malaria, so presumably they can be eaten in small quantities at least.

Is bitter melon same as bitter gourd?

No, and it all depends on the size and how dark a green the bitter melon is.

What is the scientific name of bitter melon?

The scientific name of the bitter melon is Momordica charantia.

What are the medicinal actions of bitter melon?

Bitter melon is a natural hypoglycemic and has antiviral properties.

What foods tastes bitter?


When was Bitter Melon Farm created?

Bitter Melon Farm was created on 2002-04-23.

Why is bitter-melon bitter?

Because it is natural.

Which fruit is sweet when raw and bitter when ripe?

bitter melon

What is the English name of ampalaya?

Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd

When was Bitter Melon by Cara Chow made?

Bitter Melon by Cara Chow was published December 28th, 2010. The book, Bitter Melon, is based in the 1980's and is about a Chinese-American girl named Frances.

Where Can You Get Bitter Melon?

I have gone to a few website online to find that information and realized that it can be purchased at and it is organic pure bitter melon.

In what regions of the world is bitter melon grown?

Regions of the world that grow bitter melons are Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Other names for bitter melon include goya, bitter squash, karavella and bitter gourd.

Most bitter vegetable is?

Bitter Melon is known as the most bitter vegetable in the world..

What are the side effects of using bitter melon?

If too much bitter melon juice is taken, it can cause mild abdominal pain or diarrhea.

What is the name of fruit which is sweet when raw and become bitter when ripe?

bitter melon

Why you call bitter gourd a vegetable?

It is a fruit grown on the vine bitter melon

What is the English of the word ampalaya?

bitter melon

Family name of ampalaya?

bitter melon

What are the food that rich of insulin?

Bitter melon

Is a bitter melon a fruit or vegetable?


What is english name of karela?

Bitter melon

What is bitter fruit?

A Lemon is a bitter fruit. Grapefruit is another bitter fruit. ------------------------------------------------------------ BITTER is that the KARELA (bitter melon), the most bitter fruit in the world especially when it is ripe.

What are some limiting factors of bitter melon?

The holocaust.

What is the recommended dosage of bitter melon?

Patients who do not mind the extremely bitter taste can eat a small melon. Juice: Up to 50 ml of fresh bitter melon juice can be taken once a day. Tincture: 5 ml doses two or three times per day.

What is gobyab tea?

Bitter Melon is the English name for Gobyab. Gobyab is from the gourd family. Its flesh is used in Asian cooking and a tea or broth for cooking can be made from dried bitter melon. The tea is very mild and does not have a strong bitter flavour. In traditional Chinese medicine, bitter melon can be used to aid digestion and lower blood sugar.

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