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Can bordatella vaccine cause direarra in dogs?

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Yes it can as well as other vaccines your vet may administer to your pet. Like people dogs are individuals too and some may not have any side effects while others may be sleepy, lethargic, off their food, be constipated or have diarrhea and it generally lasts for a day or two. If it should last longer then phone your vet. Make sure your dog has fresh water at all times.

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Can bordatella vaccine cause vomiting in dogs?

It's rare, so you should talk to your vet ASAP.

How often does a dog need the bordatella vaccine?

Bordetella is often combined with the parainfluenza vaccine. The vaccine has a short duration of immunity, and dogs need to be re-vaccinated every 6 months.

Can the rabies vaccine cause paresis in dogs?

This can happen, but then, it is very rare. This can happen in man also.

Can the dhpp and rabies vaccines cause diarrhea in dogs?

Yes for up to 24 hours. If it lasts longer, its not the vaccine causing it.

What vaccine should be given to all dogs?


Does weight affect vaccine dosage in dogs?

No it does not. The same dosage is given to large as to small dogs.

What is a good shot to give dogs?

The rabies vaccine is the only injection legally required for dogs in many jurisdictions.

Is the DHPP vaccine for dogs good for 3 years?

No, it's one year. It's the rabies vaccine that is good for three years--provided the vet uses the three-year kind. I understand for puppies and some other dogs the one-year rabies vaccine is better. Check with your vet.

Clinical name for rabies vaccine in dogs?

Since there is more than one type of vaccine, there is more than one clinical name for rabies vaccines in dogs. These include Rabvac, Defensor, Rabdomun, Prorab and Imrab.

What is distempering?

When it comes to dogs, distemper is a disease that dogs need to be vaccinated against. The vaccine given is for parvo and distemper together, both are potentially deadly diseases for dogs. So distempering could mean giving the vaccine to the dog, though I have never heard it referred to in that way.

How do you treat a dog with tetanus?

Inject into the ruff of the neck Tetanus is very rare in dogs who have been shown to be resistant to the toxin. There is a potential risk in the vaccine itself, which makes this vaccine rarely given to dogs. See you veterinary surgeon first.

Can you buy rabies vaccine for dogs in Arizona and have it shipped to you?

Only a veterinarian may give the rabies vaccine which all state do require. It is a requirement for a dog tag also

Where do you inject the dog for the rabies?

You must inject a Rabies Vaccine into a dogs hind leg muscle.

Explain what a dhlpp booster is for dogs?

it is a combination of 5 other vaccine its really good for the dog

What is a plus 5?

A Plus 5 is a five way vaccine that is given to dogs to prevent diseases.

Does your dog need a bordetella vaccine?

I only give my dogs the bordetella vaccine if I am going to be showing them or boarding them in a kennel. Otherwise if they are home and not exposed to a lot of other dogs, then I do not vaccinate for bordetella. It doesn't hurt to vaccinate for bordetella though. It is just an extra expense for me.

What is 7 in one shots for dogs called?

DHLP/Parvo vaccine. You can also get the vaccine with Corona added too. The vaccine is for Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto, Parainfluenza & Parvo. A pup needs a series of vaccines (check with your Veterinarian) and thereafter, a booster once a year.

What is the cause of the blindiness of the dogs?

Cataracts especially in older dogs and dogs with diabetes

Do dogs bleed after a vaccine?

They can but it most likely doesn't happen. Like a 1 in 1 billion chance!

Who found a cure for the bite of mad dogs?

Thefirst rabies vaccine was developed by Louis Pasteur in 1885.

What vaccines do dogs need a 1 year old?

The dog would be due for a rabies vaccine and a distemper/parvo combination vaccine. Depending on the area, other vaccines may also be indicated.

Can dogs cause problems?

Yes, dogs can cause problems including house damage and strains on relationships.

Do the dogs have to have license to take the vaccine?

In the UK the dog licence was abolished in 1987. No licence is required for dogs as pets. A veterinarian will vaccinate a dog for a fee. Their fees vary.

Why are the band Blue Dogs called Blue Dogs?

cause they painted there dogs blue

What things cause diarrhea in dogs?

Many things can cause common diarrhea in dogs such as worms, chocolate and coffee.