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"both" the bank and repo man?? NOT that I am aware of.

retaking, REPO??? usually charged by lender storage, USUALLY charged by repo co. repair (NOT normally done), sales expenses WHAT did who "SELL"??? READ YOUR CONTRACT. It should govern what you pay to whom.

2015-07-15 18:29:41
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What type of current does a storage battery porduce?

Electrical current

What is the Definition of storage battery and its uses?

a combination of storage cells that provides more current than a single cell alone

Working principle of unintrupted power supply?

current from storage batteries

What is the cell that can discharge current and be recharged time after time?

storage cell

What is the largest storage capacity for a usb hard drive?

In the current market, there are usb hard drives that have a storage capacity of up to six terabytes (TB) of storage. In the future, it is possible that newer technology may surpass the storage capabilities of the present.

A storage battery produces electrical current by means of what action?

The process used to generate an electrical current is related to the kind of battery.

How many payments do you have to catch up on to get your car back?

You have to get current on your payment, plus the repo fees, plus the repo agency storage fees. And you have to do it before the lienholder gets impatient and auctions off the car - once that's done, you're still responsible for the remaining balance.

What is a storage cell?

a form of electromechanical cell which can produce current and be recharged from time to time

What storage requires a continuous flow of electronic current in order to retain its data?

RAM requires a continuous flow of current to retain data.

Do you have to keep making your car payments when the car isn't running and it's been put in storage?

yes you do unless you dont want it anymore.

Is there any electrical current storage device?

Yes, once current starts going through an inductor, it tends to continue going through that inductor in the same direction -- even if that inductor is completely disconnected from everything else. Unfortunately, all available inductors ( even superconducting magnetic energy storage systems -- see link below ) store relatively little energy. You can, however, store the means to produce a current. A battery is such a storage device: when charged, it can produce a current in a conductor. Also, a capacitor stores an electric charge, which when released will produce a current.

Can someone charge storage fees for a vehicle that is mine and they wont let you get it?

"yes the police can" The police can in the sense that they have impounded your car and they charge you a fee to get it back. But if the question asked is referring to a storage unit facility or a similar storage business, it would depend on if you are behind on rental payments + the language of the storage space rental agreement. They will not be able to keep you car, but they may be able to hold your property until payment is satisfied. It would be helpful to know more about the situation. If you are up to date on your payments but are still denied access, I'd call the cops.

What uses chemical reactions to create an electrical current?

A storage battery falls into that category. A load has to be applied to the battery before an electrical current will flow.

Why do you think a car battery is sometimes called a storage battery?

Simply because it "stores" potential electric current. "Storage Battery" is considered a rather archaic term today.

What are two types of saving in a computer.?

If you are asking about some sort of storage, you have MEMORY and STORAGE SPACE. Memory (RAM) temporarily sores data for current use. A CD/DVD or Hard drive would be some sort of storage space.

What can be billed to a deceased's estate?

Expenses of administration. Attorney fees, storage costs, court costs, mileage, executor or administrator's fees, costs of sale of property, etc.

How do you regain possession of car that has been repossessed?

Pay the current balance, plus repossession and storage fees.

What is the advantages of lead storage batteries?

Enormous initial current, rechargeable, cheap, low internal resistance, availability

Can you get your vehicle back after repossession?

The first step is to contact your lender. They will have those answers. It usually involves making up past payments, and paying the repossession fee, and perhaps storage.

Does temperature effect the current and voltage?

no Correction - Yes, but this depends upon what you are measuring. Temperature affects battery storage and wire conductivity. It does not generally affect the current and voltage of a particular device.

How is a lead storage battery recharged?

A lead storage battery is recharged via a shocking sort of system. Pumping up the voltage in a lead storage battery by using something like a magnet held close to it as the direct current shoots through to it.

What is the difference between the apple iPads?

The current models are available with 16,32 or 64 Gb of storage, with or without 4g, and in black or white.

Is there a glovebox in a Camaro?

Yes. In the current 2010-2011 Camaro, there's both a glovebox and a small storage compartment in the center console.

Can you capitalize storage on machinery?

If you're refering to a new asset that has not yet been placed into use, all costs incurred to bring a fixed asset into a condition for use should be capitalized as part of the asset's total cost. If you're refering to idle machinery that is no longer in use, then storage expenses should be expensed.

How soon can you repossess your auto after a no payment?

I live in New York State. I was able to have my car return to me in 24 hours. Of course I had to pay the missing payments,then the towing and storage charges. Hopes this helps.