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Yes, both can work from the same set of switches.

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Q: Can both the light and fan on a ceiling fan be hooked into a single 3-way switch?
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Why with a changed light switch light works but the ceiling fan does not?

The fan probably wasn't hooked in again by the worker, either because they forgot to or didn't know it was meant to be included.

You have three 3-way switches operating 3 ceiling lights you want each switch to operate each single light What do you do?

wire each switch to each light...

How do you split ceiling fan to be controlled by a 2way switch and the light by 2-3ways?

By 2 way switch I assume you mean a single pole switch. If so yes this can be done.

Where is expedition light switch on rear hatch?

The light switch is located above the hatch door ceiling.

Can I get my ceiling fan to turn on and off by using the light switch?

Yes. Simply turn on the ceiling fan while the light switch is in the "on" position. Adjust the spinning to the level of your choice. Now the fan will turn on and off when you switch the light on and off.

Why does dimmer switch cause ceiling light to make noise?


Where is the dome light switch on a 2004 Saturn Vue?

On the centre of the ceiling (light for rear section)

How do you add a switch to a light fixture?

Install the switch in the wall outlet box you have installed. Now run a 12/2 or 14/2 wire from the switch to the light fixture in the ceiling. Run the exact same size wire that is already powering the light. Connect the ground wire coming from the light switch to the ground wires in the ceiling box. At the light in the ceiling cut the black wire powering the light. Cut only that wire. Now strip the 2 black wires back and connect the white wire coming from the wall switch to one of the black wires and the black wire coming from the wall switch to the other black wire. At the wall switch connect the ground wire to the ground screw on the single pole switch. Now connect the white and black wire to either screw. Does not matter which one. Now when you turn the switch off you are breaking the flow of electricity to the light. This is called a switch leg.

What else is a single pole switch known by?

This is the typical light switch in your home that controls a single light from a single location. Sometimes you might see it described as SPST or single pole single throw.

Can you control a ceiling fan with a dimmer switch that controls a light fixture?

not orden araly

My ceiling fan speed is stuck on high I am wondering if you can wire a voltage regulating switch that will allow you to vary ceiling fan speeds without damaging motor or causing other problems?

Light dimmer switch is okay for ceiling fan.

Where does the neutral wire go on a single pole switch?

Unless the switch has a light to indicate the switch is turned on, there is no neutral connection to a single pole switch.

Can a pull chain switch be added to a ceiling light that has a wall switch?

Yes, but the light switch has to be on all the time. To do it permanently remove the switch and wire nut the two wires that were on the switch together. Be sure to put a blank switch plate cover over the switch box.

What is ceiling light?

A light that is mounted on the ceiling.

What is the difference between single pole switch and a three way?

A single pole switch controls a light or outlet at one location. A 3 way switch controls a light or outlet from 2 locations.

You hooked up a ceiling fan when you turn the switch off it comes on when you turn the switch on the breaker flips?

The only way that this could happen is if the switch is a change-over/two-way switch or a switch to a lamp/light. When you switch on, you are short-circuiting the mains. Probably, educated guess, you need to wire the fan across two other terminals if it is two-way, or you need to wire it in to the ceiling rose of the lamp, not the switch. The problem with switches in lighting circuits is that the wires to the switch are not positive and negative, they are usually both positive - one from the supply, one to the lamp. Unless the current drain to the fan is huge - unlikely.

You bought a new light it has 1 black and 1 white in the ceiling there are 2 black 2 white and a red in the the wall switch there are 2 black 2 white 1red the red and black are hooked up you need help?

See discussion page

Can you install a ceiling fan with light replacing your current ceiling fan that does not have a light?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.Yes you can, but the light will only come on when the fan is operating. If there is a three wire going up to the fan from the light switch box then it was pre-wired so that a separate run for a light to be operated independent from the fan. The cable will be a red, black and white wire. The black will connect to the fan, the red to the light in the fan and the white to both the neutrals of the fan and light which is up in the fan housing.If the switch box is only a single gang box there is a duplex switch that can be installed in the box. The cover for this duplex switch is the same cover as a duplex receptacle cover.

What causes the halogen light in the ceiling to go on and off?

Well the light switch on the wall will make and break the electrical connection, making the light go on and off.

Why does your ceiling fan light fixture flicker when off?

The most likely cause is a fault in the switch. Replace the switch and the problem will most likely disappear.

What causes ceiling fan noise?

If the fan part of the ceiling fan is controlled by a dimmer switch, that is sometimes why it makes noises and buzzing because it's being set at a desired point than what the ceiling fan's motor is used to, replace the dimmer switch with a standard light switch and use its pull chain to select a desired setting.

What is a single word synonym for light a switch plate?


What does single pole mean on a light switch?

US Single-pole switchIn the US, the standard "single-pole" light switch is single-pole single-throw, with only 2 terminals. In the ON position it connects the two terminals, and in the OFF position it doesn't. The standard US "3-way" light switch (used for switching a light from two different switches) is single-pole double-throw. It has 3 terminals (hence the term "3-way"), and it connects one of those terminals to either of the other two, depending on the switch position. There's no OFF position, so the switch has only two positions.

Change single light switch to double switch?

See discuss question button below.

How do you wire a ceiling light fixture to a receptacle that has two black wires and two white wires?

Black is Hot and White is Neutral and there should also be a bare ground wire. One black/white/bare cable is supply for receptacle and the other is connected in parallel and goes to another outlet. You need your ceiling fixture connected to one of the wires coming into the receptacle box, Black to Black, White to White and Bare to Bare. However, assume you want to be able to switch the ceiling light with a wall switch unless there is to be a pull chain on ceiling light. To connect switch run a new wired from the receptacle to a switch and run a wire from switch to ceiling fixture. At original outlet connect as described above. At switch connect White wires together with a wirenut, then do the same for the bare wires. Connect Black wire going to ceiling to one side or switch and Black wire coming from original receptacle to other side of switch.