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Yes they can. Some even before that age.

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2009-09-29 15:13:57
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Q: Can breast formation start before start of periods in a 9 year old?
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How do you know when you are going to get your first period?

Well most girls get a slight discharge (fluid) from their vagina for about a year before there periods start. periods normally start about 2 years after your breast start to develop. You usually get lots of mood swings like Ur mad at everyone then happy all the sudden.

Did coal formation start before there were dinosaurs?


If your breast are sore is it from your menstrual cycle?

Yes. They'll start hurting before you start.

Is it natural to get lots of mucas before you start your periods?

i think so, i get it :/

How do you know you have started puberty?

If you are a girl, you may start to have periods, and notice breast growth. If you are a boy, your voice will start to break, and hair will start to grow around your genitals, on your face, and on your armpits.

How old do you have to be before your breast start growing?

Around 10.5 years old.

Can you get pregnant right after your pregnancy?

As soon as you start having periods again, yes. It's a myth that breast-feeding prevents pregnancy - it doesn't

What does it mean when you get period pain before periods?

Its means that you are goibg to start your period soon

What month does a woman start to get milk in her breast?

Usually in the last trimester before giving birth.

Where on the breast does breast cancer start?

The truth is that it could start anywhere on your breast. But most of the times breast cancers start on your left breast and on outer and upper quadrant (if you divide breast in four parts by two perpendicular lines).

What should I do stain my panties just before my period starts?

If your periods are regular you should start wearing thin pads or panty liners a day or two before your periods start so that incase there is any bleeding or spotting your panties don't get stained.

Why do my breasts get bigger before I start my period?

Before a woman's period, she will retain water. That will cause a temporary slight increase in breast size.

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