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Can cell phones cause a miscarriage?

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Definetly not. Cell phones don't have nothing to do with pregnancy. Your o.k.

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Can cell phones cause fever?


Do cell phones cause schizophrenia?

No, not at all.

How many people die on car crashes each year cause by cell phones?

How many people die in car crashes each year cause by cell phones?

How extensive use a mobile phones can cause health problems?

what are disadvantages of using cell phones

What phobia is the fear of cell phones?

nomophobia That they can cause cancer.

Why algae are unicellular?

cause they don't havee cell phones

Can cell phones cause rumors?

It depeneds on how u use it

Can cell phones cause drug and gang activity?


What are reasons cell phones should be banned in cars?

cell phones shouldn't generally be banned from cars but just not used. Cell phones do cause major accidents and stuff but there is no reason to be brutal like banning them.

Can you see the numbers calling with a cell phone tracker?

yes you can? on some phones cause on some phones or on all phones are an app

How does cell phones cause radiation?

Cell phones are small radios, that both transmit and receive. When they transmit they emit radio waves, which is a kind of radiation.

Is it safe to carry your cell phone in your bra?

Cell phones give out large amount of radiation and hence it is not safe to carry cell phones in bra. It could cause cancer.

Can gonorrhea cause a miscarriage?

It is possible, but not usually, for gonorrhea to cause a miscarriage.

Does cell phones cause effect playing video games?

uh.. no

Why are cell phones unnecessary at school?

They can cause cyber bullying and distractions.

Do cell phones cause noise pollution..?

maybe not CAUSE noise pollution,but they sure do affect it. ;-)

Are cell phones better than landlines, or are landlines better?

Cell phones have been known to cause slight radiation and can lose connection a lot more.

Can a miscarriage cause vaginal irritation?

A miscarriage may cause vaginal irritation.

Can tea cause a miscarriage?

There are herbs you can make tea of that might cause a miscarriage.

Can physical activity cause a miscarriage?

No, normal physical activity does not cause miscarriage.

Can genital warts cause a miscarriage?

Genital warts won't cause a miscarriage.

Can HPV cause miscarriage?

HPV does not cause miscarriage. It does not affect fertility at all.

Is it dangerous to answer a cell phone while fueling a car?

no, cell phones have nothing in them that can cause gas to explode.

Are there cell phones especially designed for seniors?

There are cell phones for seniors. Most seniors prefer cell phones with limited options. The best cell phones for senior citizens can be found at

Is it cellphones or cell phones?

cell phones