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  • It has not been prov en entirely true, but constant exposure to radio waves could cause brain damage, but it's not an immediate effect, it's more of prolonged an strong waves consistently. But it has yet to be undeniably scientifically provedAlso it says that parents should go and get there child checked. Go and see your child's phone and see how many texts and calls they may have if it isallot go and tell them you are worried. If sudden acts or you fell somethings wrong with the way they are acting check them don't make it seem that you think there dumb but that you love them and is worried. Thank You
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Q: Can cell phones cause brain damage?
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How do you prevent brain damage from cell phone?

Don't hit your head with it. There is no definitive evidence that the radiation from cell 'phones cause brain damage.

How do cell phones cause cancer in your brain?

It hasn't been ruled out that mobile phones do cause cancer in the brain but there is a strong corelation between the two. It can cause cancer in your brain because the microwaves emitted by the phone can heat up the water inside your brain and this heating effect can cause cell damage in the brain and can cause cancer in the brain.

Do cell phones damage your brain?


How can cell phones cause humans harm?

The waves that are put out by the cell phones can cause neurological damage or even brain damage. It was proven to kill up to 1 or 2% of brain cells in animals which says that up to a certain extent, they can harm us too.

Do cell phones cause brain damage to kids?

I have heard of this happining although I am not sure I would say keep the phones away.

How can cell phones damage your brain?

they really damage your brain because people constantly put them to their ear and the electrical atoms in the cell phone can get into your body and slowly but surely damage your brain especially brick phones

How cell phones can cause brain damage?

If you throw a blackberry bold 9032 hard enough at the right point, there is a chance of brain damage. There is no concrete scientific evidence to support this theory---Vegeta

Do mobile phones cause brain tumours?

no but they can help them to grow mobile phones use a frequencey that connects to a different frequency and sends radio waves to each other this can trigger a cell in your brain that give you brain tumours or even brain damage mobile phones use a frequencey that connects to a different frequency and sends radio waves to each other this can trigger a cell in your brain that give you brain tumours or even brain damage this is not how phones affect you this is o2 by the way :) and it is rubish shut it you penis!

What is the danger of cell phones?

I heard it causes brain damage and tumors if you use it too much.

Is it true that using a cell phone can cause brain cancer?

There has been no prven link to cell phones and brain cancer. This is an urban myth.

What are 3 reasons why cell phones should be banned?

they can distract you they are proven to cause brain damage and you should only need one in an emergency and some dont use them properly

Harmful effects of old cell phones?

I have hear (heresay) that use age of old cell phones by independent studies was found to have linked to many people getting brain cancer and/or brain damage. It releases radiation, and.... it would be wise to replace cell phones after about 4-5 years i suggest.

Can cell phones give you brain tumors?

no because cell phones are cool...

Is it true that cell phones cause brain cancer?

No. Out of 53 people 19 said no. 6 said yes. 3 said it could cause brain tumors.

Can x rays damage cell phones?

Yes X Rays can damage cell phones , as it is always radiation from the X Ray machine , they both will clash in the cell.

Can your cell phone really cause brain tumors?

No, there is no proof that cell phones cause tumors. Many alarmists began the rumor based on the microwaves in the cell phone but its has been proven a myth.

How are cell phones bad?

They can damage your health

Is it true that cell phones cause brain damage?

Cell phones are non-ionizing which means they don't have enough energy to rip electrons off atoms, or molecules ,and destroy DNA. The radiation in cell phones is somewhat identical to the radiation inside microwaves. If you live an area with better reception your phone emits less microwaves to transmit to a tower and expose you to lower levels of microwave radiation.

Are cell phones bad for you?

Radio waves from cell phones can lead to brain cancer so yes

Can high temperatures damage cell phones?


Why are cell phones good for you?

No they are not because they can distract your brain

Can cell phones cause fever?


What do cell phones and people that stare at their cell phones all day have in common?

They're both brain dead. #Haha

Can cell phones cause a miscarriage?

Definetly not. Cell phones don't have nothing to do with pregnancy. Your o.k.

What problems can microwave signals cause?

They can cause brain damage and tumours.. Also they are noisy and loud.ans2. Microwave signals would only cause damage if they were very strong. Serious studies have found no evidence to suggest e.g. that cell-phones cause tumors or brain damage. [So you can't blame that for .. ].The second suggestion is absurd, as noise uses a pressure/velocity method of propagation, whereas microwaves use the electromagnetic spectrum and have much too high a frequency to be heard, even by dogs or bats.