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There are shady people in any business. They can and some do.


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1. Write a "certified letter" to the STATE MEDICAL BOARD explaining your situation.2. Be honest, professional, and thorough.3. Send a copy of letter (also certified) to the FEDERATION OF STATE MEDICAL BOARD.

This question could have many answers. For me honesty is the act,quality or condition of being honest or to be truthful.

The qualities you should look for in an air conditioning repairman are that he/she is certified, has experience and seems honest. You want to find someone that comes off as very knowledgeable and will provide you with a good, honest service for a decent price.

This quotation is similar to this one: An honest zero is better than a cheated perfect. Also with this epigram: Honor and shame from no condition rise; Act well your part, there all the honor lies. analysis: If you are honest in the end you will get a just reward.

I'm gonna be honest... the best thing might be to take it in to a shop. I don't know about this condition! If I did, I would have, quite simply, brought it to the dealer, or a certified GM Goodwrench technician. Costly? Maybe, but most of the cost is labor, not parts. So, with that, I'll say it again: Bring It In.

to be honest with u i dont know what toy mean after sex...? explain??

it is correct to say an honest, as in "make an honest man outta him!"

I always trust you. Because you are Honest.

well to be honest i have no idea. But thank you for coming on this question to see what type of condition are bad for bacterial growth.

What sense of the word honest are you planning on using? An honest lawyer could be crooked, an honest weight could be fraudulent, honest reporting could be disingenuous, honest wages could be unfair or inequitable, honest folk could be pretentious, an honest critique could be insincere, an honest answer could be deceptive

To be honest with you, I really don't care.Let's be honest, you are a bit pompous.He was very honest with the police.i didn't do it sir, honest!

Its worth whatever someone else is willing to pay for it !! Depends on the condition to be honest. But the highest I have seen them in "great" condition was around $100.

yes you can be honest at home you should always be honest no matter where you are

More honest and most honest, respectively

Honest is an adjective

Yes, it is possible, but you should be armed with several really good reasons why. Let's be honest, even if granted, the consequence is that you will just get a co-worker of their's assigned to you.

Honest is an adjective, since it modifies a noun. Examples: 'honest man,' 'honest truth.' The noun form is 'honesty.'

Probably Abe -- Abe Lincoln was honest as "Honest Abe".

Yes Betsy ross was honest! she had to be honest to make George Washington a flag

Here is a sentence with the word honest; Abraham Lincoln has the nickname Honest Abe.

Literally, "an honest day's work" means the amount of work expected by an employer who pays workers by the day on condition that they to work diligently. This is often used figuratively, to refer to a similar amount of diligent work by a person for his own goals, when no pay is expected.

I certainly hope so. I have the condition too. And it is something I have wondered of late. To be honest though, the answer is I dont know.

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