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If the rooster was around a week before the eggs were laid then, yes, they can be hatched. But if there has never been a rooster around then, sorry, there can't be any chicks.

You can buy already fertilized eggs for chickens to sit on and hatch even if you don't have a rooster.

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Can chickens hatch eggs without the help of a rooster?

If the egg has been fertilized by the rooster then yes, the chickens will take care of the egg until it hatches. If the egg was not fertilized by the rooster than the egg will not hatch.

Does chicken lay eggs without rooster?

Yes, hens will lay eggs with or without a rooster. But without a rooster, the eggs are infertile, and would not hatch.

Do chickens lay eggs without a rooster around?

Sure they will. They just wont be a fertile egg. in meaning they wont hatch.

Do hens lay eggs without a rooster?

Yes, but they will not hatch without fertilization from a rooster.

Can rhode island chickens lay eggs without a rooster?

Yes All chickens will lay eggs without the need for a rooster. All a rooster does is fetilize the eggs, it does not induce the hen to lay an egg, she will do this anyway.

Do chickens need a rooster?

No they do not unless you want to have baby chicks. Without a rooster the eggs is not fertilized so even without a rooster the hens eggs will be produced.

Does a hen have to be fertile to lay an egg?

No, Chickens lay eggs almost everyday without a rooster. But, in order for the egg to hatch it needs to be fertile!

Can birds lay eggs with no mate?

Yes, they can, however the eggs wont be fertile and will never hatch without a mate.Yes, chickens do it all the time. Pullets, young female chickens, always lay eggs. If there isn't a rooster (male) present, they lay non-fertile eggs, like the kind you would eat for breakfast. When there is a rooster present, they eggs are fertile, and can hatch into baby chicks.

Do eggs have to be fertilized by a rooster?

Eggs do not have to be fertilized by a rooster if you are going to eat them.... A hen will continously lay eggs without a rooster present. However, if you wish to hatch baby chicks, then yes, they must be fertilized to hatch.

Do chickens need roosters to produce eggs?

Chickens can and do lay eggs without roosters. Roosters are needed for chickens to lay fertile eggs, from which new chickens can hatch. Unfertilized eggs never hatch, but they are sold as food.

Why do roosters sit on top of chickens?

It's ok. They are mating. The rooster is fertalizing the eggs so they can hatch. :)

How does a chicken give birth?

Chickens do NOT "give birth". After mating with a rooster, chickens lay fertilized eggs and sit on them in a nest, keeping them warm until the eggs hatch.

Will ducks lay eggs without a drake?

YEs ducks will lay without a drake- just means that they wont be fertalized so cant hatch but if you just want eating eggs then no drake will be fine ( chickens lay eggs without a rooster) :)

Do chickens lay eggs without a cock?

Yes. Hens will lay with or without a rooster. If you want to have chicks hatching from those eggs though, you need a rooster.

How do you get a hen to lay eggs without a rooster?

A rooster is not required for hens to lay eggs. A rooster is only required to fertilize the eggs, i.e. if chicks are desired, or raising chickens is the objective.

Can hens have eggs without rooster?

Yes. A hen can lay eggs without a roost. However, those eggs will be infertile and will never hatch.

Does a chicken egg have to be fertilized by a male chicken to make a chick?

Yes a chicken egg will not hatch without a rooster, but a hen will lay without a rooster the eggs just wont hatch

How can a chicken have eggs without a rooster?

Hens can lay eggs with out roosters, but the eggs will not hatch. (Since they haven't been fertilized)

Do you need a rooster to have eggs to eat from hens?

Hens will lay without a rooster, you just need a rooster for (dubious) protection and if you want to hatch chicks.

Can animals lay egg without matting?

Yes, chickens for example, lay eggs without mating. That is where we get eggs for eating. The eggs sold in stores are not fertilized and can never hatch and become chickens.

Are chickens ok without a rooster?

Yes they are more then fine, It mearly means the eggs are not fertilised and when the chickens become clucky and sit on the eggs they cannot incubate abd develop however if you were planning on breeding a rooster is essential.

Can chickens hatch eggs of other chickens?


How long after being with a rooster do a hen start laying?

Hens lay eggs without a rooster. It is only when the rooster fertilises the female's eggs that he will affect the egg production. (After fertilisation the hen will lay a clutch of fertile eggs which she will hatch.)

What does a rooster do to help raise chicks?

If you wish to have fertile eggs that will hatch, then a rooster will help. If you don't have a rooster, eggs WILL still be laid (provided you have a chicken), but they will be considered breakfast eggs, and will not hatch. So, a rooster just performs the fertilization of the eggs, otherwise, they are basically worthless.

Does having a rooster help egg production?

A rooster in the hen house is not going to make the hens lay more eggs. If a farmer is wanting to have more chickens, then a select few hens can be put with a rooster for awhile to produce eggs that will actually hatch into baby chicks.