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Klonapin or Rivotril as we in Canada call it is used as an anti-epileptic and ,when used prophylactically,also prevents the occurence of Panic Attacks. The active ingredient is Clonazepam which is a "cousin" drug to Valium(diazepam) and many other Benzodiazepines. The daily dose widely varies from 0.5 Mgs'-20 Mgs'/Day. To answer your question:Yes, Klonapin may cause daytime drowsiness at the beginning of treatment but this is usually dose related.If you feel that it is impairing your ability to function to the point of injuring yourself or others;I would advise that you speak with your Doctor Re:Dosage adjustment.Good Luck

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Q: Can clonipin make you drowsy or groggy and are you able to take it for anxiety as prescribed and still function daily?
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Is alprax a sleeping tablet?

No, Alprax is not a sleeping tablet. It is a drug that is prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks. However, a side effect of Alprax is that it can make you sleepy or drowsy.

What anxiety medicine makes you the least drowsy?

adivan, i think

Is Xanax an amphetamine?

NO, it is anti anxiety, like Valium and ativan, and it makes you drowsy

Can taking Lexapro get you high?

First and foremost, it is not recommended to take a medication which has not been prescribed to you or in the improper dosages in an attempt to "get high".Lexapro is used to treat anxiety and depression and usually has a drowsy effect on the user.So your answer is no.Although it will make you dizzy and usually sick to your stomach.

What are the effects of clonazepam?

In a nutshell, Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine with muscle relaxant, and anti-anxiety properties. If you take it, you will likely feel relaxed, perhaps drowsy but probably not intoxicated. I have an debilitating anxiety disorder; clonazepam enables me to live a normal life.

Why can't you take grapefruit juice with xanax?

Grapefruit juice acts as a potentiator when it comes to xanax. In other words, when the two are mixed, the xanax will hit you harder and much quicker than it would as prescribed by your doctor. So if you were prescribed xanax as a remedy for anxiety or panic attacks, it would probably just knock you out instead, especially since xanax already has a big "drowsy" side effect to it. Hope that helped answer your question.

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Does methadone use impair driving skills?

If the methadone is taken responsibly and as prescribed, then you should be safe to drive. If methadone is being abused and taken irresponsibly, it can make you drowsy and unsafe to drive.

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How do depressants work?

Depressants are used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. The depressants affect the brain neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid. This works by decreasing brain activity, which results in a drowsy or calming effect.

How Depression works?

Depressants are used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. The depressants affect the brain neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid. This works by decreasing brain activity, which results in a drowsy or calming effect.

Does azithromycin make you drowsy?

I feel drowsy now and I am currently on it. Yes, it makes you drowsy and's important with this antibiotic to drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep.