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Yes, it can. Corn oil is composed of chain molecules, and it won't oxidize in a simple reaction. But it will oxidize. The chains break and a number of different combustion byproducts are possible. Corn oil (and other cooking oils - used oil!) are burned in some internal combustion engines.

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What is corn oil?

If margarine is made from hydrogenated corn oil. What is added to corn oil?

What is corn oil made out of?

corn oil is made out of germ of corn.

Is corn syrup a substitute for vegetable oil?

Not really. Corn syrup is a sweetner, and it is produced after corn oil is removed from the corn. Corn or vegetable oil is actually oil, and it is different from sugars.

Is corn oil good for your body?

yes corn oil is good for your body because its corn with oil but mixed oil

Can you use corn oil in place of mazola oil?

Mazola oil IS corn oil

Does corn oil have any type of glucose?

Corn oil is all fat. There are no glucose sugars in corn oil or any other oil.

Can corn oil be used as a substitute for vegetable oil?

Yes, corn oil is a vegetable oil.

What is difference between corn oil and corn syrup?

Corn oil is a type of oil like vegetable oil. Corn syrup is a very sweet liquid similar to maple syrup.

What part of the plant does corn oil come from?

Corn oil comes from the corn kernels themselves.

How much corn to make 1 gallon of corn oil?

4.7096 bushels of corn to one gallon corn oil

Does corn oil contain starch?

No, corn oil does not contain starch.

What is corn oil made of?


Which oil is more dense Extra virgin or corn oil?

corn oil is more dense

Should you use olive oil or corn oil for cookie mix?

Use corn oil.

If vegetable oil is made from vegetables and corn oil is made from corn, where doe baby oil come from?

How does corn oil get energy from the sun?

Yes, it does. Corn oil takes energy from the sun as the corn grows. This is stored in the form of glucose. When corn oil is burnt it releases this energy.

Corn oil and corn starch the same thing?

No. More like opposites. Both are made from the grain. Corn oil is just that - oil extracted from the germ of the corn kernel. Corn starch is a powdery carbohydrate product from the endosperm of the corn kernel. Corn oil is used wherever one would use oil. Corn starch is generally used as a thickening agent in soups and gravies.

What food has corn oil?

Corn oil is typically found in bread, pastries, condiments, hamburgers, and hotdogs. And corn...

Can you cook potatoes in corn oil?

Yes, you can cook potatoes in corn oil.

Can you use vegetable oil instead of corn oil in a corn casserole?

Yes, you can. :)

Is corn syrup the same as canola oil?

No, corn syrup is a syrup that is made from corn. Canola oil is an oil that originates from the seed of the rapeseed plant.

Can corn oil be used to make biodiesel?

You can try using corn oil for biodiesel. Corn oil is used for cooking and used cooking oil is used for diesel fuel. Actually, the process of cooking with oil performs the same process on the corn oil as crackling does in an oil refinery. Thus, it would be possible to take corn oil and mix it with petroleum in a refinery and create diesel fuel.

Can you use corn oil for pastry?

you can use corn oil for your pastries but they will turn out tasting bitter. you can use corn oil for your pastries but they will turn out tasting bitter.

If corn oil is made from corn and veggetable oil is made from veggetables What is baby oil made from?

Mineral oil...nice try.

Can canola oil be used as a substitute for corn oil in baking?

Yes, canola oil may be substituted for corn oil in baking