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Can corn snakes and frogs live together?

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Not usually, either big frog eats little snake or big snake eats little frog.

Not recommended.

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Can two female corn snakes live together?


If they were brought together and are the same age Can horned frogs and corn snakes live together?

Absolutely not ! They require completely different living conditions to be housed together. Besides which - the frog would view the snake as food !

Why can snakes live so far away from water and frogs can' t?

because snakes are snakes and frogs are frogs

Do cornsnakes like to live with other corn sankes?

do corn snakes like to live with other corn snakes

What type of reptiles can live together?

Reptiles are usually solitary creatures - however - you can house species together IF they are from the same country and are not likely to view their 'companion' as food ! For example - corn snakes and rat snakes can live inthe same vivarium but NOT corn snakes and king snakes - as the king snake diet consists of other snakes !

Who they live with corn snakes?


What are corn snake packs called?

Corn snakes do not live in groups.

Where do the corn snakes live?

Southern U.S

Do corn snakes lay eggs or birth live?

yes corn snakes do lay eggs and they can have up to 40 eggs

Where do corn snakes live?

Corn snakes live mostly in North American territorys. They prefer overgrown fields, forest openings, and abandoned buildings and farms. Have any more qeustions about corn snakes? I know a lot about them. I also have a lot of them.

Why can frogs and snakes live in the same garden?

Both.compete for water

What continent do corn snakes live in?

north America

Are snakes more closely related to frogs or lizards?

They are related to the lizard. Snakes and lizards are reptiles and live only on land, frogs on the other hand are anphibians and live both in water and land.

Can corn snakes live in a dessert?

Desserts are usually far too hot and dry for Corn snakes to live comfortably. They prefer more temperate climates with more moisture.

Are corn snakes desert snakes?

No, corn snakes are not desert dwellers. They live mainly in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic portions of the United States and prefer wooded or grassy areas.

What animals live in the shallow water?

frogs some snakes and salamanders

Do corn snakes like to live with other corn snakes?

No, they should always be housed separately, they are wholly independent animals. Housing them together causes them stress and can result in cannibalism in extreme cases. You would also be unable to properly track the health of each individual if they're housed together.

How long will a corn snake live?

Corn snakes live 10 to 20 years on average. Answer 15 - 20 years

Does snakes live in corn fields?

yes, they love the mice in there.

Where do corn snakes live on long island?

love can pop.

Should two male Corn Snakes live together?

no because in there mating season they will fight and one may be really badly hurt

Do fierce snakes live together in groups?

No, snakes are solitary.

Are king snakes located in salisbury MD?

No the only snakes I've seen are the corn snakes (or something) and garden snakes. I do live in Maryland too.

Can corn snakes live in pairs?

It is unadvisable to house multiple Corn Snakes together, but many owners do without any problems. It is a big ongoing debate into the pros and cons of housing together, but really it is all down to personal choice whether you choose to house your Corn snakes together or not. The dangers for housing together include the chance of cannibalism (especially in younger Corn snakes), early or unexpected breeding, stress in one or all of the Corn snakes and even disease passing from one Corn snake to the other and doubling your vet bills. If you do decide to house your corn snakes together in one vivarium it is important that both snakes are of a similar size, preferably adults. You will also need to add twice as many hides to the vivarium to ensure that one snake does not dominate the best hiding spots, which would cause stress to the other. You should feed separately and be ready for if breeding occurs. I would also advise having a spare RUB (Really Useful Box- plastic tub with air holes added to it), heat mat and thermostat handy, just in case problems arise and you need to separate your Corn snakes quickly.

What animals live by the Amazon River?

there are frogs and parrots, toads and BIG snakes