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Can cracking your own back and neck cause any long- or short-term damage?

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All depends on how you crack them. Cracking your back by stretching it or your neck by rolling it around shouldn't cause any damage. But, if you use your hands to twist your neck around to get it to pop, you risk possibly damaging the vertebrae in your neck (either slipping,cracking, or even possibly rupturing a disk in extreme cases).

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Is cracking your back safe?

No, because it can cause back injuries and screw up your back bone. DON'T DO IT!

It is bad if you crack a joint?

It isn't good... But cracking knuckles and other joints doesnt cause any damage. However if you crack your neck and back, there is a possibility of pinching a nerve or straining a muscle so be careful.

Does cracking your back give you arthritis?

No neither does cracking your knuckles

IS Cracking your back good for you?


What does cracking your back do?

its not good

Is cracking your back good?


Which pressure points cause severe damage?

The pressure points that cause really severe damage are: The neck, between the ribs and the lower back.

Can i get nerve damage from cracking my neck and back a lot?

Yes you can , I was playing with my computer chair , and bent it in toward my lower back whilst sitting on it , it cracked my back , but I now have nerve damage , trouble swallowing/breathing along with sleeping. To be Honest It's ruined a huge part in my life. You only get one spine , so take very good care of it , see a professional about cracking your back , if you have enough money go see the chiropracter.

Can cracking your neck cause death?

Yes, it can kill because it will crack the spine and the spine is the back bone of the body and if the back bone is broken then it is inevitable that the person will die

Can Rheumatoid Arthritis cause back spasms?

RA can cause damage in the joints of the back leading to compression of nerves passing between them. in some instances this can lead to spasms.

What damage occurs if a plugged catalytic converter is not fixed?

The heat generated by the converter can back up into the engine and damage it. Cause it to overheat, blow a head gasket or damage the heads.

Can teasing your hair too much cause damage to your hair?

Yes, excessive back combing (or "teasing") the hair will cause breakage.

Back cracking during menstruation?

Some women experience cramping in their back while they are menstruating and look for ways to relieve this tension, including cracking their back. Although there is not medical consensus that says that cracking your back is necessarily bad for you, most medical professionals recommend finding other more effective ways to relieve tension.

What organs can cause lower back pain?

Lower back pain is often caused by muscle strain or damage to the lumbar spinal cord.

What happens when you keep on cracking your back?

Probably nothing. Knuckle cracking (which is similar) has been studied and there is no proof that it damages the joints over time.

What would you do if someone asked you to give him a back massage by walking(cracking the back)?

Tread carefully!

Does cracking you knuckles lead to artiritus?

No, knuckle cracking does not lead to arthritis. It is an old tale told over and over again. The human condition is to link every action with a negative or positive effect. Because there is a "cracking" sound, the human condition is to consider this action bad. All that is occurring is the rapid release of gases from the joint capsule back into the blood stream. There is no harm in this. Also, there has never been a legitimate study that said that "knuckle-crackers" were more prone to arthritis. On another note, there have been studies saying that the excessive and unnatural movement of the joints such as "knuckle-cracking," can cause ligament damage and even dislocation of tendons. Hope this helps!

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Water damage covered insurance?

Yes it is, depending on the source of the water and and if a leak; the duration of the leak. Ask back as to the cause of the water damage to see if it would be a covered loss.

What can cause instant permanent blindness?

the part of the brain that causes sight is at the back of the head, so a strong blow to the back of the head, enough to damage the brain

What might happen if you the back of your head very hard?

Your motor movement and coordination may be affected. Hitting the back of the head could cause damage to the cerebellum

Will cracking your back hurt spine?

yes it will unless u ask someone to do it for you

Can cracking your back make you stop growing?

no,It just makes it slower to grow

If a catalytic converter on Honda CRV 2002 is not working will it cause damage to the car if driven?

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Is cracking your neck and back dangerous?

Yes, if you so it then you could make your neck and back fall off! =O

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