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YES, its likely called "hindering enforcement of lien or security interest. " the lenders figured out long ago there'd be times like that and got the law passed against it.

2014-02-10 16:48:34
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Can you file Criminal charges against a person who is dead?

No.First: You as an individual can NOT 'file charges' against anybody. Only a prosecutor can 'file' criminal charges.Secondly: They cannot file criminal charges against a deceased person - WHO would they prosecute?However, you can file civil claims aganst a deceased person's estate.

At age sixteen and the child runs away and returns at eighteen can they have charges still pending against the child?

Criminal charges do not disappear due to the age of the person committing them. It may be past the statute of limitations, in which case the charges cannot be brought.

Can a payday loan company press criminal charges against you if you did not close your bank account?

No, only a prosecutor of the court may bring a criminal case against anyone. Criminal charges are brought as a result of illegal behavior, not defaulting on a loan. If the default, however, is subsequently believed to be related to fraud, criminal charges may be brought by a prosecutor. A payday loan company will use EFT to debit your bank account for the amount that is owed on the loan. When they cannot debit the account, they will try multiple times over subsequent days, then they will begin collection processes.

Can a husband file criminal charges against his wife for fraud?

Private citizens cannot file or "press" criminal charges. Only the prosecuting attorney can do that. The husband can contact the police and request criminal prosecution. The authorities will then decide whether to file charges.

Can you press criminal charges if you did not choose to at the scene Texas?

A citizen may file a COMPLAINT, which will be investigated by law enforcement. Individual citizens cannot "press charges." Only the prosecutor can file charges against someone.

What to do with false criminal charges against you in california family law marriage dissolution?

Consult with your attorney who can review your situation and explain your options.Added: Family Law is a division of the Civil Court. You cannot be tried in Civil Court for criminal activities. Before these charges could be brought against you in Criminal Court, the allegations would first have to be brought to the attention of law enforcement and investigated before you were arrested and indicted.It probably won't help make you feel any better but such allegations of criminal misconduct are often brought by bitter, spiteful spouses during divorce and/or child custody proceedings.As recommended above, hopefully you have an attorney representing you. Consult with him/her for advice

How do you file criminal charges on someone for fraud?

Individuals cannot 'file charges.' Only a prosecutor may file criminal charges against somebody. Contact your local law enforcement authorities to make a criminal report. If your information and facts conform with the legal definition of "fraud" in your state they should proceed to make an offense report and an investigation.

How does a daughter file charges against a mother who refuses to tell her the identity of her father?

There are two problems with this. 1) individuals cannot file criminal charges. 2) failing to provide that information is not a crime.

How can someone press charges on another for property damage?

An individual cannot press charges. Only the state makes that determination. If you would like the state to consider criminal charges against a person, contact the police and report the incident.

How long do you have to fill criminal charges against a states attorney for committing perjury?

As a private individual you cannot 'file' criminal charges against anyone. You can attempt to bring the facts to the attention of the prosecutor's superiors - if you can present enough proof, perhaps they will institute a charge of perjury. HOWEVER you can file a civil suit against the prosecutor for false or malicious prosecution.

How can charges be dropped with Contributing to the delinquency of a minor and When do i need to drop them?

You cannot drop charges. The state presses and/or drops criminal charges.

Can you press charges against your sister for stealing your clothes?

Private individuals cannot file or "press" criminal charges.You can report the theft to the police. The police and the prosecuting attorney will then determine whether or not to file criminal charges, depending on the circumstances of the theft.Added: Realistic answer - Law enforcement will consider this a civil case (i.e.: an inter-family situation) and will not, and cannot, take action.

Can you press criminal charges for forgery?

Civilians cannot "press charges." Only law enforcement and the prosecutors office can bring charges against someone. However, you can report the offense of forgery to your local law enforcement agency and they will investigate. If they find probable cause to believe that a forgery occurred, they will file charges against the perpetrator.

How can you drop charges against someone?

You cannot file charges and you cannot drop charges only the states attorney/prosecutor can. You can request that they drop the charges but the charges are state charges and only the state can drop them.

What does felony dismissal really mean in new york city?

It depends on the type of the dismissal. Dismissal WITH prejudice means that the charges cannot be brought against that defendant again.. Dismissal WITHOUT prejudice means that the charges MAY be re-filed against the defendant.

Can you file criminal charges against a racist and racists emails?

Individuals can NOT "file criminal charges, they may only file a 'complaint.' Only the prosecutor's office can "file charges." You will have to prove some kind of overt action or discrimination committed against yourself - you cannot file a complaint on behalf of others. If the content of the e-mails rises to the level of "hate language" you should contact your state or federal office of civil rights.

Can an online payday company file criminal charges in Texas?

An online payday company cannot file criminal charges in Texas. It is an unsecured loan with little recourse but a judgment in a court of law.

Can the person that started a fight press charges?

They could press civil charges, but would be likely to lose and be counter sued. They cannot press criminal charges, but the State can.

Can you press charges for someone else?

A person cannot press charges for someone else, only the victim of the crime can. A person can report the criminal conduct for investigation.

Can you press charges on someone that carved their name on to the wood of your house?

Individuals cannot make or press criminal charges. Carving on your home is an act of vandalism and civilly actionable. Contact the police if you would like them to initiate a criminal investigation.

When you press charges against someone do you have to go to court?

Yes you do. If you press charges, you have to go to court with that person. Therefore that person becomes the defendant and you are the plaintiff.Added: INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS CANNOT 'PRESS CHARGES'AGAINST ANYONE! The most you can do is file a complaintagainst someone with either the police or the prosecutor's office. In the case of the police, they may conduct an investigation into a ccomplaint of a criminal nature - in the case of the prosecutor's office they may issue a summons to that person to come in for a hearing into your allegation against them. IF the police investigation or the prosecutors hearing sustains your complaint of criminal activity, the prosecutor's office will FILE CHARGES against them in court. You WILL be required to appear to give testimony as the complainant (i.e.: complaining witness).

How do you file criminal charges?

In my area of Canada the only way to "File criminal charges" is to file a complaint with the Police.They, in consultation with the Crown prosecutor, decide whether to charge the person in question.ADDED: The same situation exists in the US as well. Individuals cannot "file criminal charges" against another individual, only "the state," in the form of the prosecutors office, can do so.However - in some jurisdictions, an individual can swear out a "complaint" against another individual and although they will not be arrested, they will be issued a summons to appear before a magistrate in answer to that complaint, at which time the individual who swore to the complaint must appear to give testimony.

Does statute of limitations mean if previously charged with an offense the court cannot bring it up if it is past the statute of limitations?

The statute of limitations deals with when a law suit or criminal charges can be brought. Records of previous offenses are not subject to any limitation.

Can an adult be charged for charges dissmissed with prejudice when person was minor?

No. "Dismissal WITH prejudice" means the judge has ruled that those particular charges cannot be brought forth again.

Can you have charges dropped against someone who assaulted you with a weapon in tx?

YOU cannot have the charges dropped by yourself. Such an assault is a crime against the state and only the prosecutor can 'drop' the charges. If you are a reluctant 'complaining witness' speak to the prosecutor about your hesitation to go forward.