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Can debt collectors check how much money you have in your bank account?


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Yes, but only with a court order perhaps.

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A checking account allows someone to deposit money in a bank for safekeeping. When the account holder needs money, he can write a check or have it drafted from his bank account.

Yes, a person with a bank account (a depositor) can write a check against that account for a sum of money. The person given the check (who the check is made out to) then presents it to their bank and the banks between them move the money from the account of the person who wrote the check to the account of the person who was given the check.

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Yes, a check is a bank draft drawn on an account. Provided the account has funds and is payable to you, it can be cashed at your bank or any check cashing place or if you go to the bank it was drawn on with ID, they will cash it for you.

your money that you have in a bank account your money that you have in a bank account

Walk into an ATM and deposit the money into your bank accountWalk into the bank branch (any bank that you have an account with) and deposit the money into your bank account

It depends. If:you have a monthly loan repayment agreement with the credit collectors wherein the bank automatically deducts your monthly payments from your savings account oryou have defaulted on your loan payments for more than 2 or 3 months and haven't contacted the credit collectors reg. the sameThen, the credit collectors can withdraw money from your account (if there is any cash available) towards your loan repayment. Otherwise no one cannot deduct any money from your account without intimating you.

It depends: Yes - If it is a check from the same bank that you have an account with and it is from the same city/state No - If the check is from a different bank or different state/city the money takes usually 2-5 days to reach your account

When a bank honors a check for which you do not have the money, it is considered an overdraft. The bank will recover its money as soon as the funds hit your account and charge an overdraft fee for honoring the check when the funds were not present.

Cashing a check means converting a instrument of money like a check to the money it is worth. Let us say you get a check for $1000 from a friend and you deposit it into your account with your bank, you will get the money deposited into your account. This is called Cashing a check.

Places money and is allowed to write a check for payment to another who can deposit it in his own bank. The check needs to be written for a specific amount of money and for use only by a designated person.

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This means that a check you took from a customer could not be deposited into your account because they did not have the money to cover their check. The bank deducted the amount of the check from your account.

No. A bank account can be a checking or savings. It is the account in your name where you deposit and withdrawl funds from. A bank deposit is when you put money into the account either by you walking into the bank and handing them cash or a check and the bank teller processes it to be put into your account. They are two different things but they are related.

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To clarify, I owe money at US Bank for a defaulted credit card with them. I have a TCF checking account. If I try to deposit a check made payable to me, and that check happens to be a US Bank check, can US Bank seize the check made payable to me even if I deposit it into my TCF checking account? Not sure if they will see that US Bank funds are made payable to me from someone else's account. Any insight would help! Thanks!

First you need a bank account and money you put the money in the bank account, wait for a year or two and then you get more money in your bank account

There are two ways to do this. If you have a bank account of your own, and if your bank account has as much money or more, as the amount of the check, then you can take it to your bank and they will cash it for you. If you do not have such a bank account, your alternative is to take the check to the bank which issued the check (the address is printed on the check) and to also take legal identification with you (such as a driver's license or a passport) and they will cash it for you. I will also note that if neither of these alternatives is going to work for you, you might consider depositing the check in your account, or opening a bank account in which to deposit the check, rather than cashing it. It will clear, usually within a week, and you can then withdraw the money from your account. You do still need ID to open an account, however. Without ID, the world of banking is closed to you. Banks need to be able to confirm your identity.

A bounced check. Probably a check that you deposited into your account was no good so the bank returned it and deducted the money from your account.

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Yes we can check our balance in account of bank of maharashtra

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