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Can dental sealant cause a reaction?

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I have never seen one after placing hundreds of them over the past 30 years, nor have I read anything in the research or performance evaluation literature regarding that type of response.

It is possible, however, to experience a slight, temporary chemical burn from the etching gel used to prep the tooth surface for the sealant, or an allergic reaction to the operator's latex gloves. I would advise the practitioner of your experience so it can be examined and noted in your chart.

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Does alcohol cause dental problems?

yes alcohol does cause dental problems. the sugars and chemicals inside the alcohol cause a reaction to the teeth. that is why all alcoholics have such ugly teeth. :=)

What are the different steps involved in placing a dental sealant?

First you clean the teeth, then you isolate,prime and etch

Do you put sealant when installing new shift solenoid on a breeze?

When using a new pan gasket, no sealant is necessary. Using sealant on a automatic transmission pan gasket is a bad idea, excess sealant can cause trouble.

What is the primary cause of dental disease?

The primary cause of dental disease is plaque

Should dental sealant be put over a cavity?

If the tooth has decay diagnosed by a dentist, a sealant is not recommended. A cavity needs to be treated with a filling or a crown. Ask your dentist. Sealants should only be placed on teeth that are cavity-free.

What is dental caries and is its cause?

dental careies is the tech term for cavities, the cause biofilm/ lack of oral hygeine.

What is a dental sealant?

A thin plastic substance that is painted over teeth as an anti-cavity measure to seal out food particles and acids produced by bacteria.

What was thought to be the main cause of dental disease as late as 1500AD?

As late as 1500 AD toothworms were thought to be the main cause of dental disease.

What would cause all food to taste spoiled after having dental treatments?

It depends on the dental treatment -- fillings, extractions, etc. can all have different effects. You may have had a bad reaction to the novocaine or other drugs. It could be pretty much anything. ~ T

What is the oral sign for an allergic reaction to an intraoral dental product?


What is dental etch?

It is a thin substance placed on a prepared tooth before adding a composite filling or a sealant. It's purpose is to make the finishing product stick. :)

Does dental implants cause cancer?

No. They don't.

What might cause a Gram variable reaction?

It might cause reaction in staining and cause accident

What can cause pain in the gall bladder?

A dental assistant salary would be the salary the dental assistant is paid. Therefore, it is used to pay the dental assistant for their work in the dental office.

Can stomatitis venenata caused by denture?

yes. There are patients that has allergic reaction in the denture base which is made up of acrylic. The most common cause of stomatitis venenata is dental and cosmetic preparations.

Does dental X-rays cause headaches?

I have never experienced headaches from dental x-rays.

What are the major bacteria causing dental caries?

about more than 300 bacteria cause dental caries.... due to unhygienic condition.... streptococcus mutans cause that

What is the most common cause of pulpitis?

dental caries

Can dental labs determine the cause of my mouth pain?

A dental lab can only determine the cause if your pain. They do this by giving you X-rays and tests that you might need. They might also get an imprint of your teeth to determine if positioning is the cause of your pain. Dentists can then use this information to repair your dental problems.

Can you add another bottle of copper sealant to vehicle if 1 didnt seal it?

The first bottle was not a good idea. The problem needs to be repaired properly. The pour in sealant is risky as it can cause all sorts of problems and is probably a temporary repair. The copper sealant Bottle will have use instructions for the size of your car. the answer you are looking for is there.

What are the causes of early loss of teeth?

Poor dental care is the the cause. Early tooth loss can be avoided by practicing dental hygiene and regular care from a qualifed dental professional.

Can you have an MRI if you have dental implants?

Yes, it will not cause any problems.

Will adding selant to head gasket when replacing cause damage?

Possibly. Only add sealant if it is called for by the manufacture.

Will fluconazole cause and allergic react?

Anything can cause an allergic reaction. So, yes fluconazole can cause an allergic reaction, though it is not common.

What would happen to your teeth if the etchant used on your teeth was not completely washed off before they put on the sealant- please help?

If the etchant is not completely washed off you will still have acid on your tooth and that WILL cause some sensitivity. The sealant should be redone OR the sealant may be too big and you are hitting on that tooth harder than the others.