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I have never seen one after placing hundreds of them over the past 30 years, nor have I read anything in the research or performance evaluation literature regarding that type of response.

It is possible, however, to experience a slight, temporary chemical burn from the etching gel used to prep the tooth surface for the sealant, or an allergic reaction to the operator's latex gloves. I would advise the practitioner of your experience so it can be examined and noted in your chart.

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Q: Can dental sealant cause a reaction?
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What type of reaction does a dental material undergo when distortion occurs?

Restorative and esthetic dental reaction occurs when a dental material undergoes distortion.

What are the different steps involved in placing a dental sealant?

First you clean the teeth, then you isolate,prime and etch

What is the primary cause of dental disease?

The primary cause of dental disease is plaque

Do you put sealant when installing new shift solenoid on a breeze?

When using a new pan gasket, no sealant is necessary. Using sealant on a automatic transmission pan gasket is a bad idea, excess sealant can cause trouble.

What is liquid rubber typically used for?

Liquid rubber has a number of uses. For example, it can be used as a roof sealant or to make molds. It's sealant properties are useful in making medical devices such as dental molds.

What is dental caries and is its cause?

dental careies is the tech term for cavities, the cause biofilm/ lack of oral hygeine.

Should dental sealant be put over a cavity?

If the tooth has decay diagnosed by a dentist, a sealant is not recommended. A cavity needs to be treated with a filling or a crown. Ask your dentist. Sealants should only be placed on teeth that are cavity-free.

What is a dental sealant?

A thin plastic substance that is painted over teeth as an anti-cavity measure to seal out food particles and acids produced by bacteria.

Does dental implants cause cancer?

No. They don't.

What is the oral sign for an allergic reaction to an intraoral dental product?


What was thought to be the main cause of dental disease as late as 1500AD?

As late as 1500 AD toothworms were thought to be the main cause of dental disease.

Does dental X-rays cause headaches?

I have never experienced headaches from dental x-rays.

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