Can depression break up a relationship?

Wow! It is so crazy that someone asked this question. My boyfriend and I were together for 3 years. We both went off to different colleges and I didn't take to the college life too well. For the first month it was great, fun and exciting. I loved going out with my friends and partying. During my second semester was when I started feeling really down. I started losing friends and my grades were dropping. My self esteem got so low that I even stopped eating. I was a healthy 5'2 103 lb girl and I thought I was too fat. I complained about everything. My boyfriend started getting really mad at me and things were not going well. He felt like that all he was to me was a counselor and someone I just complained to. He eventually broke up with me. I finally figured out I was depressed. He gave me another chance to change but I couldn't and two weeks later we broke up again! Depression is a seriuos problem and it effects everything around you! I have learned you cannot just snap out of it. Depression changes who you are as a person. My boyfriend loved me and still loves me but the old me. I want my boyfriend back so bad because of course the break up has caused me to become more depressed but I know I need to get help and find out who I am. You can't give somebody proper love until you love yourself first! So to answer this question can depression break up a relationship...yes! I hope and pray that one day he will take me back if I can get better because I do love him! I just got off the phone with him and he wasn't too nice! At first I thought he would sit and wait for me to get better but I don't think he even wants to give me another chance if I do get better. I guess I will just wait and see! I lost my father a couple of years ago since then I 've been so depressed off & on. My husband's been bearing with me & it has had a major strain in our relationship. I disregard any thing he says & asked "why I don't love him like I first did?" My advice would be go to a couples conseling hopefully the puzzles would fit together also I tend to have a journal and write down my thoughts and concerns.