Can depression make a husband feel like he is no longer happy in his marriage and that it will never be back to normal?


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Are you my wife? Yes it can, get him some help before he screws stuff up like me maybe he only needs a ego boost but he may need professional help and most importantly talk to him ask him what is truly on his mind down deep. The above poster said it all and he should know. Also, men at the age of 40 plus go through "Andropause" similar to women's Menopause and it use to be called "the Mid-life Crisis." Men were over-looked in this area until just recently. Men actually go through hormonal changes too and they can become moody, depressed, cranky, change their looks according to their moods, and often may feel like they haven't done everything they want to do and have failed at a lot of things (most haven't.) It's also about staying young and still wanting (to some extent) be attractive to the opposite sex. Men 40 plus should be checked for Testosterone levels and there is a medication (patch, shot or pill) called "Androgel" that will boost the Testosterone levels up. If this isn't the case then an antidepressant will help (takes approx. 6 weeks before the effect of the antidepressant is working and noticeable so be patient.) It's best to go to the doctor and get the blood test for Testosterone and other blood tests.