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Are you my wife? Yes it can, get him some help before he screws stuff up like me maybe he only needs a ego boost but he may need professional help and most importantly talk to him ask him what is truly on his mind down deep. The above poster said it all and he should know. Also, men at the age of 40 plus go through "Andropause" similar to women's Menopause and it use to be called "the Mid-life Crisis." Men were over-looked in this area until just recently. Men actually go through hormonal changes too and they can become moody, depressed, cranky, change their looks according to their moods, and often may feel like they haven't done everything they want to do and have failed at a lot of things (most haven't.) It's also about staying young and still wanting (to some extent) be attractive to the opposite sex. Men 40 plus should be checked for Testosterone levels and there is a medication (patch, shot or pill) called "Androgel" that will boost the Testosterone levels up. If this isn't the case then an antidepressant will help (takes approx. 6 weeks before the effect of the antidepressant is working and noticeable so be patient.) It's best to go to the doctor and get the blood test for Testosterone and other blood tests.

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Is it possible for a husband and wife to NEVER see each other naked?

Yes, but it's NOT normal - marriage is mind, body, and spirit.

Husband doesnt come during sex if he has been drinking?

Entirely normal. Some men drink to last longer.

Is it normal for a female cat to love your husband?

Yes. IT is normal for a cat to love your husband

Is it right for a Muslim man to leave his christian wife and family?

Sure it is not right unless she committed something that is against Islam teachings and morals as:adultery, orinsulting her husband ornot responding to the normal sexual relationships as husband and wife orstopped loving him and is seeking marriage with another manor the likeno !__________________________________________________Sure it is not right unless she committed something that is against Islam teachings and morals as:adultery, orinsulting her husband ornot responding to the normal sexual relationships as husband and wife orstopped loving him and is seeking marriage with another manor the like

How many people have depression?

well everybody has depression it is a normal emotion.

Is depression after a miscarriage normal?


If a wife cheats on her husband is it normal for the wife to compomise to stay as long as she can stay friends with the lover?

The husband should kick her rear right out the door! No, it's not normal to stay with a husband as long as she can see her lover. There are no compromises after taking marriage vows and when those vows were taken that meant you were suppose to remain partners in marriage throughout your lives. Granted, not all marriages work out, but cheating is cheap and disrespectful to the partner and that bond of trust one has with their mate is gone and hard to get back. She needs to make up her mind and the husband needs to get a backbone!

Is it normal for husband to flirt with his cousins?


Is it normal if my husband hugs and kisses my sister?

yep it is normal, it's a positive thing that your husband is enjoying your side of the families life. but if you feel that you think it's not normal you should keep a close eye on your husband, or confront him about it constructively.

Is it normal when your husband to buy flowers for his secretary on Mother's Day?

No it is not normal for your husband to buy his secretary flowers on Mother's Day. It is up to her children to do so if they are old enough or her husband or boyfriend.

Is bipolar depression normal for teens?

sometimes yes.

How is bipolar depression different than regular depression?

the depression is no different, it is the period betweendepressions. in ordinary depression the period between is a normal mood state always. in bipolar sometimes the period is normal mood state but sometimes it is manic or hypomanic mood state instead.

Can you honestly tell someone that you were not that much in love with your husband or your wife when you married them?

It would wise to keep that information to yourself unless you are considering ending the marriage as the husband or wife would eventually find out. Why people would marry when they are not in love is a puzzle to most normal people.

Your husband has weed 43 times since last night is this normal?

it is not normal

Is it normal not to be hungry while pregnant?

Well If Depression Was Caused While In Pregantcy Yes, It Is Normal!

Is it normal that a husband spies on his wife's sister?

If my husband did that, I'd knock his gotdam brains out.

What if your husband constantly laughs and smiles at you while you are clearly upset and crying Is that normal?

No, that is not normal at all. As a psychologist I recommend your husband goes to see a counselor.

Why are you always sad upset for no reason is it depression?

That is a sign of depression - its normal to have those days, but its not if you have lots of those days...

Is depression normal after age 50?

it depends hwo the person is

Is it normal to have stress or depression at the age of thirteen?

of course its normal everyone gets depressed sometimes so basically yes its normal

My husband penis curves to the right is that normal?

yes this is normal he is just a bit dodgey

Where was unemployment during the Great Depression?

Unemployment was everywhere during the Great Depression. What made the depression so great was that a larger than normal percentage of the population was not employed.

Is it normal to have sexless marriage?

In most cultures, a sexless marriage is not considered normal. A marriage is meant to be the joining of a man and woman in love in front of their God, most likely with the intention of procreating. However, sexless marriages are not uncommon and if it works for a couple for whatever reason, then to them it would be considered normal.

What is normal depression?

Normal depression is a way in which the mind swings , from happy to graduel sadness and feeling very low, as if it is the end of the world, not meeting people or wanting to go outside the house. outsidethe

Is it normal for your husband to like to wear your bras and panties?