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Cross-breeding can produce nice fry, but in many cases unless you are a breeder, the majority of the fry may not survive due to the amount of cross-breeding that has occurred already to get many of the breeds we see these days.

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Q: Can different types of goldfish breed or do they have to be the same kind?
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What kind of fish is orange black and white in Utah fish lake?

Different types of goldfish can be, such as the Calico Fantail and also different types of koi.

How can you tell which goldfish you have?

If you mean like what breed of goldfish you have then that should be fairly easy. I determined what kind I had by looking at his markings and going on wikipedia. If you go to and type goldfish in your search bar then scroll down there will be pictures of goldfish with the breed next to them. It is fairly easy and that's how I found out what my goldfish were.

What kind of goldfish should you get for your fantail goldfish?

Fantail goldfish are a hardy breed, strong swimmers and they compete well for food with the ryukin, shubunkin, comet or common goldfish; making these goldfish breeds good tank mates for your fantail goldfish.

What kind of fish are good with goldfish?

Because goldfish prefer or do better in cooler water it is best to stay with other types of goldfish.

How many eggs can a female goldfish have?

Goldfish can have many eggs. In fact, female goldfish are known to lay thousands of eggs. It's important to know before tarting to breed these kind of fish.

What species of goldfish shouldn't be kept together?

Any kind of goldfish will mix OK with any other kind of goldfish. Goldfish are all one species with many 'sports' that have been developed by selective breeding. The only No! No! is if you have some well bred fish and don't want them to cross breed at breeding time. Then you will need to keep type with type, otherwise, since they are the same species, they will cross breed and your resultant fry will be almost worthless crossbred goldfish.

Can you breed different types of live breeders?

You can cross breed any fish that have a common family (Taxonomic) name. All the different types of guppy (Poecilia reticulata) can be bred with one another. Any kind of Platty (Xiphophorus maculatus)can be crossed with any other kind of Platty but Guppies could not be bred with Plattys because they are totally different species.

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How many types of quarter horses are there?

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What kind of animal is a goldfish?

A goldfish is a type of fish.

What kind of fish is a goldfish?

the gold kind??A gold fish is the result of a 1000 years of domesticating by the Chinese mainly during the tang dynasty of the Prussian carp carp which can only be found in China, and are still the goldfish closest relatives. All goldfish are in the family cyprinidae commonly known as the carp family, which en-composes carp, koi, goldfish, the true minnow, and barbs. It is the largest freshwater fish family containing over 2,400 species. There are over 200 different types of goldfish alone, due to the lucrative aquarium hobby.

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What kind of water do goldfish?

Goldfish live in freshwater only.

What kind of fish bowl is good for a goldfish?

A Goldfish bowl :)

What kind of fish can live in a tank with goldfish?

A Loach can be with goldfish.

Can goldfish live with other tropical fish?

Goldfish should not live with tropical fish; their needs are different.Goldfish are best when kept with their own kind with the exception of weather loaches, or bristlenose plecostomus.

What kind of water do little goldfish need?

The only kind of water a goldfish needs is fresh water.

How do you get a hamster to breed with a different kind of hamster?

If you try to breed two different types of hamster together, then the chances are that the new babies will have something wrong like missing limbs or no eyes, whiskers etc. Also, the babies could die just after birth or have illnesses that you can't cure.

What kind of food do you feed goldfish?

Tetra Fin goldfish flakes. Make sure that it is for goldfish only.

What kind of food is best for goldfish?

the food is called goldfish flakes

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Is there such thing as a purple goldfish?

There is a kind of goldfish called the 'Shubunkin' with purple stripes on it but there is no pure purple goldfish species.

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