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There are 16 kinda different goldfish. They are: Common

Black Moor

Bubble Eye

Celestial Eye









Telescope Eye


Panda Moor


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Q: What are the different kinds of goldfish?
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How many different kinds of goldfish are there?

there are over 21 different kinds of goldfish species.

How many different kinds of goldfish are their?


What type of fishs can mix with goldfish?

Any cold water species that will not be small enough for the goldfish to eat. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of those, so the best thing to mix with goldfish is more goldfish, if you have enough space. There are many different kinds of goldfish you can mix with each other.

What different kinds of fish can be placed in the same pond as comets goldfish?

Other cold and fresh water fish.

Are goldfish herbavores?

Goldfish are opportunistic omnivores and will eat plants as well as other kinds of organic matter.

How many different types of goldfish are there?

There is over 21 different types of goldfish.

Can goldfish live with Oscars?

yes they do eat goldfish, Oscars eat all kinds of fish. But not toxic ones.

Can you put goldfish in a tank with other kinds of fish?

Goldfish are best with goldfish with the exception of weather (dojo) loaches, bristlenose plecos, or apple/mystery snails

What types of fish are there in a pet shop?

There are many different kinds such as angelfish, goldfish, alge eaters, eels, mini sharks and more but all pet shops are different. Just go to a petshop and you can see what they have.

Can you keep different kinds of goldfish in one tank?

Aslong as it has enough room and filtration many types of goldfish can be kept together. There are some cases where problems occur as such as the case with Sarassas and Orandas. Sarassas will tend to nibble at the cap of the Oranda causing damage.

What kinds of fish eat guppies?

Goldfish. They are "feeder" fish for them.

What are 3 kinds of small fish?

Betta, Goldfish, Minno

Can tilapia live with goldfish?

No, goldfish are best with goldfish. In addition, tilapia have different needs and are quite likely to be aggressive towards the goldfish.

Will goldfish change color with different types of fish food?

Different types of goldfish food typically don't affect the colour of goldfish, however there are some specific goldfish foods that may enhance the color of goldfish- but do not change its overall color.

Why are goldfish called goldfish when they can be different colours?

goldfish are not always one color because they have different species. Also, goldfish can change colors over time. They won't always be gold or maybe they won't always be white or whatever color your goldfish is.

Where can you find the Nacho flavored goldfish?

You can find them in a grocery store with all of the regular crackers and they are the flavor blasted ones. There are many different kinds of flavored blasted fishy crackers

Why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots?

why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots

Can goldfish and molly fish live together?

Goldfish are best with goldfish. A molly and a goldfish have very different needs including the fact that a molly is a tropical fish

Can you put a dragon fish in with a goldfish?

Goldfish are best with goldfish with a few exceptions. Dragon fish are saltwater while goldfish are freshwater, thus their needs are vastly different

What is the differences from a goldfish and a feeder fish?

a goldfish is a feeder fish. I kind of disagree with the answer above. Yes, goldfish CAN be feeder fish, but they aren't necessarily feeder fish. Feeder fish are really fish that are rather small and are fed to other animals, and that are for some reason thought as not being as precious as other "pet" fish. So a feeder fish and a pet fish are two different kinds of fish, really. Not all goldfish are feeder fish. There are expensive goldfish, more than 10 dollars per fish! Then there are those goldfish breeded to be eaten that are sold as 75 cents per fish. So there are "pet" goldfish and "feeder" goldfish. So, a goldfish is not necessarily a feeder fish.

Will different kinds of salt make different kinds of crystals?

Yes. Different kinds of salt can make different kinds of crystals

What foods can tiny fish eat?

many fish are tiny so there are lots of species of "tiny fish." different types of fish need different foods. bettas need a special betta food, some brands come in fakes. goldfish need goldfish flakes. and tropical fish like tetras, barbs, danios, glofish, guppies and angelfish need tropical fish flakes. piranahs like dead goldfish, so if you have a goldfish and a pirannah and the goldfish dies before the pirranah you could feed the goldfish to the piranah. oher kinds of fish like different things. most fish that live in ponds can get their food by fining it at the bottom of the pond so you don't need to feed them very much. if this doesn't help you should ask somebody who works at a pet store what you should feed your "tiny fish."

Can a comet goldfish and a fancy goldfish interbreed?

Yes they are different variations/varieties of the same species.

Can glofish and goldfish be kept in the same tank?

No they cannot be in the same tank. Both fish have different needs and are not compatible; goldfish belong with goldfish.

Can you mix different types of goldfish a panda with a normal orange goldfish?

yes in fact i have a normal orange goldfish and a panda at home in my fish bowl