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Yes, Dogs can eat spoiled meat even though it is not the most healthy thing in the world for them they can eat it.

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Do you have to cook the hot dog before you give it to the dog?

no. As long as its not spoiled, dogs can eat raw meat.

Can you eat spoiled meat if you cook it?

No, it is not recommended that you cook spoiled meat. It will not have the same flavor or texture. Also you could get sick from eating spoiled meat.

Can you cook spoiled raw beef to eat?

You should NOT cook or eat ANY kind of spoiled meat.

Can you eat spoiled meat?

No, it will make you more sick.

What happens if you eat hamburger meat that is spoiled?

You get sick.

Can you eat steak when it is brown?

Yes, you can eat it. Just make sure that the meat is not spoiled. The smell is a way to tell if it is spoiled.

Why do pit bulls eat meat?

Because they are dogs. Dogs eat meat.

Do hunting dogs eat meat or plants?

Hunting dogs eat meat.

What will happen if you eat some spoiled meat?


Does chihuaha eat meat?

All dogs eat meat but domestic dogs take it out of dog food or the meat will be cooked for them.

Will you get sick from spoiled venison?

If you eat it, yes. Eating any spoiled meat will most likely make you sick.

Can dogs eat meat?

Yes. Dogs are carnivores. They eat meat, but will sometimes eat plant matter if they get hungry enough.

What kinds if meat do dogs eat?

They eat any tipe of meat.

Is cooked chopped meat bad for dogs?

No, dogs eat meat, they are carnivores.

Can dogs eat bolloni?

Yes, dogs can eat balogna. They are meat-eaters to begin with. They can eat almost any kind of meat.

Do prarie dogs eat meat?

Sure why wouldn't they... the only meat they don't eat is other prarie dogs.

Should dogs eat meat?

Yes, dogs should eat meat. But mostly cooked meat. They should eat other stuff to, like fruits and vegetables.

Can dogs eat chicken cooked after it spoiled?

no because they are like human.

What animals do dogs eat?

dogs eat meat which means dogs eat the animal that the meat is made from

What kind of meat do dogs eat?

random meat

Why do dogs eat birds?

Because its their hunting instinct, dogs are carnivors so they eat meat. Birds are a source of meat to them so they eat them.

What is a predator to a dog?

lions eat dogs and dogs eat meat such as chickens

Can dogs eat raw bacon?

dogs can eat any meat raw

Why do flies lay eggs on spoiled meat?

Flies lay eggs in spoiled meat because it is moist. Also once the eggs hatch it provides the maggots with plenty of food to eat.

In RuneScape what do dogs eat?

Actually the dogs eat meats such as raw beef, raw bear meat, raw rat meat, and raw beast meat