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Can dry socket occur more than a week after having a tooth pulled?

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Usually a dry socket will occur when you have had a tooth pulled (wisdom teeth being pulled are notorious for this). A dry socket is when the dentist pulls the tooth and the tissue covering the bone below the gum comes away and the bone is exposed to air. It's extremely painful. If you have a dry socket you would know it. If you are having pain go back to your dentist and if you can't get an appointment right away then go to the ER if you are in a lot of pain. Advil is an excellent over-the-counter pain killer and we use it here in Canada. Even beats Tylenol 3.

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What will Smoking after having tooth pulled will do?

Smoking after an extraction can lead to dry socket. Dry socket is a very painful condition to have. It's best to wait 48-72 hours after having a tooth pulled to resume smoking, spitting, or drinking via a straw.

Can you drink milk after having a tooth pulled?

yes you can drink milk after having a tooth pulled

What does the gum look like after having dry socket?

it won't look like much more than a tooth pulled out but it will hurt, a lot!

After a tooth extraction What does it mean if the socket turns white?

If the socket turns white after a tooth extraction, it means you have a dry socket. The white you are seeing is bone. After you have a tooth pulled, there is a socket or bone and sensitive nerves. Dry sockets occur when a blood clot either fails to form in the socket or it disintegrated. Dry sockets can lead to terrible pain and inflammation You should call your dentist right away if you have one!

When are you in the clear of dry socket?

A person will be in the clear of a dry socket after about 10 days. A dry socket can be avoided by not using a straw or smoking after getting a tooth pulled.

When can you drink after having a tooth pulled?

usually after 30 minutes

Can you fly after having a tooth taken out?

I believe you have to rest for 1 or 2 days after the tooth was pulled out.

Is it dangerous to have a tooth pulled while sick?

Hope its not dangerous,im 5 mins from having a tooth pulled and i have had a head cold all week

Is it possible to get dry socket without an extraction?

Dry sockets occur when a tooth has been extracted. Without the extraction, there is no socket.

Is having a tooth fill on a four year old too tramic?

Not as traumatic as having to have a tooth pulled out because it is causing tooth ache due to getting bad.

Can having a tooth pulled cause a drug test to show amphetamine?


How long do I have to wait till I don't have to worry about getting dry socket after a wisdom tooth was pulled?

About two weeks.

Is it normal to have problems opening your mouth 3 weeks after having your tooth pulled?

depends what type of tooth but normally no.

When can you smoke after having a tooth pulled?

Never! Why do you want to ruin your teeth anyway..

Can you play footy after having your wisdom tooth pulled out?

Yes you can, wisdom is not required.

Your toothe was pulled on Wednesday Can you smoke a cigar now?

Yes, the no smoking after a tooth is pulled is a precaution to prevent the now empty socket from bleeding from the sucking action of smoking.

How soon can you eat after having a dry socket treatment?

Eating after treatment of a dry socket when a tooth was pulled, is usually a matter of comfort. Try not to eat anything like nuts, that will lodge in the socket. You may want to stick to liquids or puddings for a day, to allow the dry socket time to heal, and so you won't be biting on a painful surface.

Why have i still got toothache after having my tooth removed?

Maybe a dry socket or infection

How long does the pain of a dry socket last?

The pain of a dry socket should last no longer than 4 days. Dry sockets typically occur after you've gotten a tooth pulled. If the pain persists for more than 4 days after the extraction, contact your dentist for an appointment.

Can you eat bread after having wisdon tooth pulled?

SURE YOU can eat anything after having a wisdom tooth pulled out. Naturally you may not want to chew with the side from which the tooth was pulled out. You can chew with the opposite side. Why restrict your diet to bread,? ON THE day of extraction it may be a good idea to avoid hot food and hot drinks It can precipitate bleeding

What joint A tooth in its socket is classified as?

The joint between a tooth and its socket is a gomphosis.

Can you drink alcohol after having a tooth pulled out?

no!................. yes, unless you are on pain meds then with caution.

How long do you keep gauze in after having a tooth pulled?

just till it stops bleeding

The fibrous connective tissue joining the tooth to the tooth socket?

The fibrous connective tissue joining the tooth to the tooth socket is the periodontal ligament.

Is it more painful to have your canine teeth pulled out if they are growing on top of other teeth?

Having a tooth pulled regardless of the location will hurt, most dentists and oral surgeons will prescribe Ibuprofen or Vicodin after tooth extractions. However, If it's a deciduous tooth (baby tooth) and your other canine is coming in, it would be smarter to have it pulled as to allow the permanent tooth room to come in. Otherwise your tooth could come in crooked.