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Can eating flour harm your body?

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eating flour by itself is not harmful, it actually has good ammounts of nutrients in it, but why you would eat flour by itself is beyond me unless someone dared you to eat a tablespoon of flour like we did in bakeshop, it's NASTY

2005-03-27 02:30:14
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Can eating raw flour when pregnant harm the baby?


Is there harm in eating all purpose flour?

not at all!

Can eating plain flour harm unborn baby?

not unless there was something wwrong with the flour in the first place.

What harm is being done to the body of a person who has been eating self rising flour for half their life?

nothing, but i am confused as to why you would eat self raising flour? but it is perfectly safe to consume it.

Does eating sperm harm your body?

yes, it can

Can eating self-rising flour harm you?

No, it can't but I can't really see the appeal...

What is the harm to your body from eating flour?

If it's raw its going to turn to goop in your stomach and might make you feel sick. Other than that, it shouldn't be different from eating other carbohydrates. Refined flour isn't the healthiest thing in the world - not a lot of nutrients and it tends to make you fat.

What can harm your body?

Jeepers, I can think of a milloin things that can harm your body! Alcohol, drugs, stress, incorrect eating habbits, ect...

Can flour harm baby while pregnant?

No. Flour will not harm your baby while pregnant.

How can you stop eating flour?

by not eating food that involes flour

Does eating feces causes any harm to your body?

It's waste that your body doesn't need and can be toxic to your body.

Can eating dry flour hurt you?

No, eating dry flour will not hurt you.

Can flour harm if snorted or smoked?

As with any dust-like material, flour can harm your lungs if inhaled

Is eating flour an eating disorder?

Eating non-food products (such as raw flour) can be a sign of the eating disorder known as pica.

Does tapioca flour need to be cooked before eating?

No, but i wouldn't recomend eating flour.

Does eating whey protein powder is harm to body?

Eating whey protein powder is not harmful to your body. You do want to make sure to only take the recommended amount.

Does candy harm your body?

Yes. Candy DOES harm your body. Candy has ALOT of sugar, and eating a lot of candy can probably lead to diabetes (getting diabetes is if you have too much sugar).

Does not eating mess up your period?

Yes it will and will harm your body in the long run. It can also kill you.

Is it possible to become addicted to eating flour and can you go through withdrawal if you stop eating it?

you might be lacking something in your immune system that makes you want to eat flower so you should talk to your doctor it's some nutrient in flour your body is missing so you should see your doctor so he can tell you what to eat so you can stop eating flour and eat the right foods to replace the urgency of eating flour. It will stop when you find out what the supplement of flour you need and you want go through a withdrawl you have to tell your mind that you just think you need the flour it's not the flour you need.

Can eating flour be harmful?


Can eating just plain flour or chalk hurt you at all?

No, it can not hurt you, but it's not particularly healthy either. Whole wheat or multigrain flour is much more beneficial to your body.

What is in white eating flour?

Flour is ground wheat without the hulls.

What harm can a maggot do to human body?

There is no way that a maggot can do any harm to human body. Maggots are interested in eating dead tissues and will keep away from tissues that are alive. However, it is important to stay clean to avoid them.

Is eating flour bad?

The risk of illness from raw flour is low But, Don't eat raw flour.

How does eating too much protein harm the body?

it puts a big rise on just protein. oyr body needs a bit of everything! erin